I have 3DS and Pokemon Y now ^^
Lately, all I can play is GBA games.. I did play Pokemon Diamond on NDS though
The Tycoon costume looks badass GodOfWar PS2
There's a glitch after using Linear Launcher... ResidentEvilCodeVeronicaX PS2
Handcannon or Chicago Typewriter? Tough to say which is the best.. ResidentEvil4 PS2
*sigh* I want BlackWarGreymon.. ~_~" DigimonWorld4 PS2
I heard this game is not made in Japan.. Nice work, America. You created a story based on the original Silent Hill SilentHillOrigins PSP
Lame.. hope SH5 isn't as lame as this one SilentHill4TheRoom PS2
This game gave me headaches.. SilentHill3 PS2
I still don't quite understand the whole story ~_~" SilentHill2 PS2

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