Back after oh so long, let's see if I find reason to stay. ·_·
Own the ROM for Project 64. ArmyMenSargesHeroes N64
Own the ROM for Project 64. YoshisStory N64
Own the ROM for Project 64. BattleTanx N64
Own the ROM for Project 64. BattleTanxGlobalAssault N64
Looking for a free, not private server. I have no money and WoW is overpriced. WorldOfWarcraft PC
^same but for Roy Mustang and it being FMA. FullmetalAlchemistDualSympathy DS
Play on v2.60b and play on either ( TigerTownSouls Sniper) and ( TigerTownSouls Fragger.) ReturnToCastleWolfensteinEnemyTerritory PC
This game should be remastered for Wii. StarFoxAssault GC
Just to have it. Assault is probably better. StarFoxAdventures GC
This game should also be remastered for Wii. SuperMarioSunshine GC
Not really wanted, but blink-182 is the best band EVER! Blink182MusicTriviaQuiz iPhone
Own the actual cartrige and the ROM for Project 64. PokemonSnap N64

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