day 2 of my daily blog

today was my most boring day of the week, thursdays (dun dun dun!) because the lessons we have are...

1st: geography (hate the teacher)
2nd: p.e. (the only good lesson today)
3rd: german (boring)
4th: english (right after german?)
5th: science (again boring)

but now that i've bored you again heres my...

---laugh of the day---

in science we were heating water with stuff called potassium nactatrate or sommin in it and my freind leaned over the bunsen burner and set his hair alight lol. his hair is still the same and he was'nt hurt so its ok to laugh.

ttfn bye


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Starz Dec 11, 08
My blogginess is catching on, huh? ;P

Keep writing. =D

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Petzrule Dec 17, 08
yes it is lol

:: Petz ::
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