Delighted Petdiams
Jun 19, 08 11:31pm
OH MY GAH! A stamp from me :3 Thanks for signing my guestbook, here's a stamp in return. My stamp isn't very well done though.

Have a nice Summer Vacation!~ A peach under a tree (Or apple if you prefer) tastes delicious on a warm, sunny afternoon. ^^

(To be honest, it was supposed to be a banner for my Peach guide, but because I have practically given up on it, and seeing your Marth collage, I've decided to use it as a stamp. There aren't any words though, sowwies D:)
stabbedbyahippie Petdiams
Jun 19, 08 11:22pm
Thanks for stamping mah guest book with zeh most epic marth stamp ever.

Have a good day and talk to you in zeh crew.
Ragnell Petdiams
Jun 19, 08 7:01am

XD I have no stamp of my own, but general Geoffery is cool enough!

Freind added!

critical hit!
Lauzi Petdiams
May 19, 08 11:06pm
Signing because you are a coolio friend! 8D

I made a new stamp, its fluffy! 8D
Anyway, see you around the forums, or PM me for a chat if your bored! =D

Lute Pwns All Petdiams
Apr 24, 08 2:36am
Happy B-Day, i don't have a stamp sozy. hope u have a good one!

Lauzi Petdiams
Apr 23, 08 4:43pm
Happy birthday!


Kirby Kun Petdiams
Apr 16, 08 1:35am
You sign mine! I'll sign yours
lol Cya at MoS! dont ferget to STAMP back! kiddin... >.< (-'.'-)
TDL12344 Petdiams
Apr 16, 08 1:20am

Here ya go. Thanks for the awsome stamp and for joing March of Swords. Your a great bralwer and hope to fight you more.

Lauzi Petdiams
Mar 01, 08 6:34pm
I'm glad you like the neo-home I made you. So I'll see you around the forums then?


Keep cool ~
Big A2 Petdiams
Feb 15, 08 1:49pm
Hey! Noticed you signed my guestbook. Good that your having fun reading my comics. I'm having fun making them. Here's a stamp:

See you around. Can't wait for Brawl!
ArcadianSky Petdiams
Feb 05, 08 2:37am
Well I saw your sig and I decided, hey I haven't signed any guestbooks in awhile and he's asking so why not. So, hi and I guess I'll see you around the fourum.

Oh, and I can't forget, stamping time!!!

The Primagen Petdiams
Jan 13, 08 1:29am
Hi again! since you gave me such a cool picture of Samus (yay!) I decided to make you one of ness.

The Primagen Petdiams
Jan 09, 08 9:29am
You don't know me but I just thought I would say hi anyway! after all.. your signature told me to do so. xD so, you like earthbound?
My Apocalypse Petdiams
Jan 09, 08 3:32am
I'm glad you liked the banner! And since you gave me such an awesome stamp, I reckon it's only polite for me to return the favour. Here we go, (I hope you like Zelda!);

See you around!
Remino52 Petdiams
Jan 05, 08 4:56pm
Thanks for signing and giving me the cool pictures.I'm thinking on using one as an avatar.See you on the forums.On live the dino yoshi!TOOTLES!!!