Thanks for Signing my Guestbook. Here's a stamp for your Guestbook.

I rember as well, of course I couldn't forget the people I once knew. You're Pemblem of the Paper Mario boards if I'm not mistaking.

And yeah, I got the Star Fox thing still going on. Rocking hard as always and being the typical sim self.

Anyways, may I grace you with a signing and some form of a stamp add on.

Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy the festive season of giving, and enjoy my mediocre stamp and my unpersonalized message!

Good luck, in your Holiday enjoyment!
Hey! Thank you for the pic! That's great! lol I like Paper Mario too! The thousand year door is a good game! It looks like ur not coming back ay? Hope ya do! see ya!
lol! That pic of paper mario is great! You remind me of my cousin Trev, and yes, Paper Mario does rule! lol I should be on more often now, but it says you haven't been on for a while now, that's a bummer, hope ya come back soon!!!
Hey, Pemby. Yesa, I called you Pemby. LIVE WITH IT!! Nah, well, um, Leaky has a holiday message for you. I also want you to cxome around more. You're a cool guy.

With lots of coke,
I saw you online, and wanted to say hi. Please, come to the forum more often. and the one in my sig. You've been stamped by~

You can always PM me if ou want a banner, avatar, or stamp

Hey! Sorry it took so long to sign back! I haven't been on lately! I really should come on here more! lol Well, I'll see ya around then!
I guess I have to sign yours, since you signed mine... i guess... that you've been...
Thanks for signing my guestbook so I'll sign right back.
I saw you postin' around. Sorry Pyrazor banned you. He's becoming too strict. So, anyways, here's a stamp.

Later, Pemblem!
Happy Easter Pemblem! Come to the PMTTYD forum! I miss you! You are a nice person, but you have to obey Pyrazor, or lese you'll be banned. So here's my stamp.

Im bored so im signing guestbooks..

Yeah! I am signing your guestbook! How unfortunate for you!!! You will burn...BURN!!! Taste my power by revealing my birthday stamp!!!

Have fun burning!!!

GO PEMBLEM, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY (really, it is!). Well just wanted to sign you for your bday, here's your special stamp.

Just signing guestbooks hehe you're a victium!!! Well hears my stamps

What now, I signed you back! Sucka sucka suckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasucka

Ok I'm done.
*Points at subject*. I'm getting so lazy I won't even write out the words "Valentine's Day"... d*m* I just did... Oh well. Here's your stamp!

Sign back!
Hey there.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy V-Day to you too. I'll get back to you with a stamp as soon as possible. Until then.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

Stamp one Guestbook at a time... Going though and seeing peoples stamps and other things... Well ur in my way to get to the top! SO I MUST STAMP U AS ONE OF MY VICITUMS!!!! Hears my stamp hope ya like

i have a new stamp for you (its not a humerose one, sorry), its kinda an early Valentines stamp i was bored and wanted to make a stamp, but i didnt know what to make one of so i made this one, and now im going on a signing spree with it well, enjoy!

please sign back!^^Take Care!
Thanks for signing! Here's my new stamp!

Signed by,
Gamer Lord/ Geno
My friends would like to say hi, too!
Axem Red
Axem Yellow
Axem Black
Axem Pink
And... Axem Geno

I break the rule being named after a color... Because I wasn't born an Axem Ranger... It required sacrifice, permission by Axem Red. MWAHAHAHA!!!

*Gamer Lord looks at his axe, stained with green blood. He does so with a smile, and with a even larger smile as he looks at the corpse of poor Axem Green... His smile was as if he had just told a joke.*

I'm giving you a dollar. NOT. Just a stamp.

I put two whole minutes of work into this, now you had better appreciate it!