Green Yoshi 2004 Pemblem
May 07, 07 12:13am
Thanks for Signing my Guestbook. Here's a stamp for your Guestbook.

simomatic Pemblem
Feb 22, 07 7:10am
I rember as well, of course I couldn't forget the people I once knew. You're Pemblem of the Paper Mario boards if I'm not mistaking.

And yeah, I got the Star Fox thing still going on. Rocking hard as always and being the typical sim self.

Anyways, may I grace you with a signing and some form of a stamp add on.

tomato13187 Pemblem
Dec 19, 05 9:29pm
Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy the festive season of giving, and enjoy my mediocre stamp and my unpersonalized message!

Good luck, in your Holiday enjoyment!
Chain Chomp Pemblem
Nov 29, 05 1:46am
Hey! Thank you for the pic! That's great! lol I like Paper Mario too! The thousand year door is a good game! It looks like ur not coming back ay? Hope ya do! see ya!
Chain Chomp Pemblem
Nov 08, 05 7:04am
lol! That pic of paper mario is great! You remind me of my cousin Trev, and yes, Paper Mario does rule! lol I should be on more often now, but it says you haven't been on for a while now, that's a bummer, hope ya come back soon!!!
tomato13187 Pemblem
Apr 22, 05 7:24pm
Hey, Pemby. Yesa, I called you Pemby. LIVE WITH IT!! Nah, well, um, Leaky has a holiday message for you. I also want you to cxome around more. You're a cool guy.

With lots of coke,
tomato13187 Pemblem
Apr 18, 05 12:46am
I saw you online, and wanted to say hi. Please, come to the forum more often. and the one in my sig. You've been stamped by~

You can always PM me if ou want a banner, avatar, or stamp

Chain Chomp Pemblem
Apr 12, 05 2:25am
Hey! Sorry it took so long to sign back! I haven't been on lately! I really should come on here more! lol Well, I'll see ya around then!
djminkus777 Pemblem
Apr 09, 05 4:22pm
I guess I have to sign yours, since you signed mine... i guess... that you've been...
Green Yoshi 2004 Pemblem
Mar 30, 05 1:33am
Thanks for signing my guestbook so I'll sign right back.
Black Jack Pemblem
Mar 27, 05 4:17pm
I saw you postin' around. Sorry Pyrazor banned you. He's becoming too strict. So, anyways, here's a stamp.

Later, Pemblem!
tomato13187 Pemblem
Mar 24, 05 11:23pm
Happy Easter Pemblem! Come to the PMTTYD forum! I miss you! You are a nice person, but you have to obey Pyrazor, or lese you'll be banned. So here's my stamp.

sick among the pure Pemblem
Mar 12, 05 3:05am
Im bored so im signing guestbooks..

Child of Death and D Pemblem
Mar 11, 05 9:01am
Yeah! I am signing your guestbook! How unfortunate for you!!! You will burn...BURN!!! Taste my power by revealing my birthday stamp!!!

Have fun burning!!!

LeoPup19 Pemblem
Mar 07, 05 5:07pm
GO PEMBLEM, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY (really, it is!). Well just wanted to sign you for your bday, here's your special stamp.

KougasGrl01 Pemblem
Feb 23, 05 2:27am
Just signing guestbooks hehe you're a victium!!! Well hears my stamps

djminkus777 Pemblem
Feb 17, 05 5:56am
What now, I signed you back! Sucka sucka suckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasuckasucka

Ok I'm done.
LeoPup19 Pemblem
Feb 14, 05 12:32am
*Points at subject*. I'm getting so lazy I won't even write out the words "Valentine's Day"... d*m* I just did... Oh well. Here's your stamp!

Sign back!
Satokasu Suki Pemblem
Feb 11, 05 12:42am
Hey there.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Bash Boy 54 Pemblem
Feb 11, 05 12:21am
Happy V-Day to you too. I'll get back to you with a stamp as soon as possible. Until then.

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
DQ Maniac Pemblem
Feb 09, 05 8:06pm
Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

KougasGrl01 Pemblem
Feb 06, 05 2:14pm
Stamp one Guestbook at a time... Going though and seeing peoples stamps and other things... Well ur in my way to get to the top! SO I MUST STAMP U AS ONE OF MY VICITUMS!!!! Hears my stamp hope ya like

Vex the Pirate Pemblem
Feb 05, 05 10:53pm
i have a new stamp for you (its not a humerose one, sorry), its kinda an early Valentines stamp i was bored and wanted to make a stamp, but i didnt know what to make one of so i made this one, and now im going on a signing spree with it well, enjoy!

please sign back!^^Take Care!
Gamer Lord Pemblem
Feb 05, 05 12:43am
Thanks for signing! Here's my new stamp!

Signed by,
Gamer Lord/ Geno
My friends would like to say hi, too!
Axem Red
Axem Yellow
Axem Black
Axem Pink
And... Axem Geno

I break the rule being named after a color... Because I wasn't born an Axem Ranger... It required sacrifice, permission by Axem Red. MWAHAHAHA!!!

*Gamer Lord looks at his axe, stained with green blood. He does so with a smile, and with a even larger smile as he looks at the corpse of poor Axem Green... His smile was as if he had just told a joke.*

Kale Pemblem
Feb 02, 05 10:17pm
I'm giving you a dollar. NOT. Just a stamp.

I put two whole minutes of work into this, now you had better appreciate it!