Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

Melbourne For the Title!!
Ive seen you post a bit in the football forum, especially in the A-League thread. You seem to love your A-League which is great Plus your a Victory fan, so thats even better

btw i love your avatar (Evil Monkey)

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Happy Valentines Day

Hopefully everything went your way on this day. And maybe you even got lucky today. But that's none of business, any way have a great one.

Hope your Valentine's Day was/is more awesome than mine!

Love (not really),
Hey hows it going just going around deciding to sign your guestbook
So you are also from melbourne then I guess I'm not alone
See ya around, Jazz Master

Keep being Australian and stuff. Wild. Throw another shrimp on the barbie.
Merry Christmas!

I hope you have an absolutely fantastic Christmas, and many more to come!
And yes, I did take that image from Neopets. Neopets rock my world.

Good luck with becoming a Mod, I know you'd be a great one. ^^

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from RKOed

Be happy because thine guestbook has been signeth! Sign back!

Be happy because thine guestbook has been signeth! Sign back!

Yay for random signings...

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you will never guess who this is he he
but any way i know you like zelda but i like it more i got you wind waker for your last birthday
I always see you in the Australasia forum so here have a stamp.

Signing spree weee XD

Just stopped by to say hewwo XD

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Hey Peek. I see you around a lot in the Twilight Princess Forum and thought I'd sign youre guestbook.

Keep it cool,


heres my sign

swords will bleed
shields will shatter
but as the light fades
will the hero rise again or
will darkness rule
Hey Peek_a_buu! I decided to sign your guestbook since you seem like a cool person ^-^
Hope you like my stamp ^^
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Hey Peek_a_buu, I'm just signing your GB because I thought that you sounded cool.

Sign back and PM me if you want to be friends. See ya.

From the one and only,
Hey there Peek_a_buu

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
Some guest-book at a time stamping away making them an Victium WEll Ur the next one in line! So hear ya go....

YaY Zelda games rule!

Signing spree!
You've been stamped.

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I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I'm just stopping by to wish you happy holidays with my very evil stamp of course ^^

and a not so evil one