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"What's your purpose?"
-Be'onca Giles


Rune Ripper: My friend who is a great TC maker (but she needs to get more humble).

swampert_X: He's a good person down to the core.

E4 Morty: He's cool with me.

pikacelebi: She always wins my contest.

elstupido: My first friend on Neoseeker (I call him Elst).

monkeyboy10: Everytime I lose in a dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, he is always there to save me.

Kent0526: I made him a TC once, and we have been friends ever since.

Elite Lucario: He is the same person as Kent0526. Duh, you could tell that without it being written on his sig.

chad and protoman: He made me a TC when I was new to Neoseeker. He is nice, but I hardly see him now.

growlitheking: Growlithe, Growlithe, Growlithe, that's all he talks about. He is the "son" of Dark Arcanine.

dankata: The founder of The Star Clan, which I am a member of. Join or you shall parish.

kylermax: Haven't heard from him lately.

blaze dragon 1993: Ummm... ... ...I got nothin'...

Arcanine 194: He is SOOO kind...he will give you an arm and a leg, just to make you happy...He is one of the judges of my contest (speaking of which, you better come to one or I will devour every last human on this pitiful, dried up piece of rock and hydrogen you call a planet.)He might be growlitheking's "uncle" and Dark Arcanine's "brother"?? I really don't know...too many Arca-Growl names are floating 'round.

Dark Arcanine: I knew him for a while, I just don't see how he escaped my mind when I wrote (well, typed) this the first time...He is the "father" (I use that VERY, VERY loosely) of growlitheking.

E4 Morty: A witty opponent in Pokemon Netbattle.

SnoopyMaster: My newest friend on Neoseeker. She likes Snoopy!!!

And that's all for my friends until I make new ones. Maybe you are next. Come to my Neohome. Its free... ... ... ...(Mostly).



My intersets are Yaoi and Yuri Fanfictions, Pokemon (epecially Milotic [female shiny only], Castform [regular only] and Lopunny [shiny only], Shaymin [shiny or regular]), Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Track, Volleyball, my guinea pig-Coffee, coffee(the kind u drink), SINGING, RAPPING, dancing, acting, my cell phone, and anything dealing with technology. Oh yeah, and by-the-way, I play none of those sports I mentioned above. I just like them.


Name: Classic
FC: 4811 7006 9893.
Today Is My One Day Anniversary.
(Actual Day: June 18, 2008)
Love You Boo!!
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