I'm looking for a Beldum preferably with adamant nature.

I found two Master Ores and gave it to the blacksmith to make the Tempered Sword. I found the last two Master Ores and talked

I've found 99 Miamai so far. There's one Maiamai in the Dark Palace area that I can't find for the life of me. I&

In order to get a Piece of Heart, you have to race from the guy to the miner's shack in 65 seconds. Problem is, I can'

Leave me alone! I'm playing Link Between Worlds!

Aegislash is a really good Pokemon, but I have a hard time deciding it's moveset. I know I want it to have Sacred Sword,

I'm looking for a Ditto. I would prefer it to be foreign, but if it's not, I'm fine with it. Tell me what you wan

Since I don't have Pokemon Y, I am looking for a Houndour. One with Modest nature, flash fire ability and in an egg would

Since I have Pokemon Y version, I can't get Houndour. I'm looking for a Houndour with a preferably Modest nature and

Psych! Fire Emblem Awakening! Pokemon Y!

Just out of curiosity, what starter and version did you choose? I preordered Pokemon Y and once I get it I plan on using Froa

I'm looking for a foreign ditto for Masuda breeding methods. Since I live in the U.S. the ditto can't be from an Engl

I'm looking for a foreign Ditto(I live in the US) for the Masuda breeding method. I would prefer it to have a good nature

I have a lot of shinies in my box, so I decided to trade them away. None of them are flawless, but they're all legit and

Psych! Game of Thrones!
Living like Larry in AC:NL
So many good games for the 3DS, so little time. :o

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