Smell The Chiken Paradox
Aug 26, 10 5:00am
Some things I may have said about you that are untrue were meant for comedic purposes. If you are offended I apologize. Luv you.
mhfu is awsome Paradox
Aug 11, 10 3:43am
hey thx for all the help u gave me for the xlink i rlly apercate it thx alot if u never told me iwould never foung thx for realz u like a best friend
Al The Killer Paradox
May 28, 10 9:27am
Hey Blade,signing your book,as you can see.Maybe youll sign mine someday.You rule man,even throughout all the jokes about your Mexican..Quatemalan heritage.Heres to more memories on the boards,amigo
Zuidy Paradox
Mar 12, 10 4:47pm
Hey! You have been in a BUNCH of threads that I have posted in.

You seem to like the things that I do, and you are very active and can get a good point out to others.

Anyways, I think your a cool dude!


Zeek Paradox
Feb 12, 10 12:51am
Hehe, thanks for the stamp.

Hope it works.............................................
Quetzalcoatl Paradox
Jan 13, 10 2:48am

Came by to sign. I'm only here because your banners always put a laugh in me .

I hope you never leave loungin'.