Sungod Okami Parable
Mar 17, 07 3:47am

Hey! I've seen you around, and I want to be Neofriends. Please stamp back and add me to your Neofriends list. Much appreciated!
skatcat31 Parable
Aug 09, 06 10:39pm
Yeah the sub was lame, i know. But anyways, thought id sign your GB homey. (yes i know, im incredibly). sadly i think im the only person whos actually signed itinstead of stamping it on this page, so YAY ME FOR BEING TO LAZY TO MAKE A STAMP!!!! anyways, see ya round homey dog, holler at yo brotha. (im not actually like this, i just needed to fill my stupid quotiant for the day.)
Sargent20Guage Parable
Oct 29, 05 9:28pm
Hows it going?

take care cya
Tolemo Parable
Aug 17, 05 6:43am
Hey parable just thought i would sing ur guest book. I see ur from Ny cool that seems like a cool place to be. Well since we seem to be in the same games and stuff i am glad we are friends!
Sargent20Guage Parable
Jul 24, 05 6:23am
Hey i have seen you around in the Gladius forums. Your the only other die hard fan there. I hope to continue to see you there see ya Parable.
SunnyDelight Parable
Jun 02, 05 12:26am
I decided to sign your guestbook. I like your avatar!
Shedevil Parable
Jan 07, 05 6:14am
Hay Parable, Thanks for Signing my guestbook and I am glad that you Like Anime Vs. Anime , it took me a long time to make it but at least some people seam to like it. Well Anyways, here is my official Stamp.

Gogetenks Parable
Jan 07, 05 2:20am
Thanksfor signing my GB. Here is a stamp in return:

See ya in da forums

Taiyo Yurei Parable
Jan 01, 05 12:55pm
The guestbook game is double-edged sword, my friend. Consider yourself stamped as well..

[img]place stamp image thingy here[/img]

*sigh* I need to make a new photobucket account... -.-;; Well, be safe, blessed be, latas! ^^
DenniseA Parable
Dec 31, 04 7:21pm
Thanks for signing my g-book
Anyways have a happy new year ^-^

DQ Maniac Parable
Sep 30, 04 6:38pm