I love Andy/Prowl

Paper Fox has an unnatural obsession with stationery.

Paper Fox is a female. She thought that was pretty obvious.

Paper Fox sometimes sleeps backwards.

Paper Fox's favourite type of chocolate is any type of chocolate.

Paper Fox once ate a whole pepperoni pizza.

Paper Fox is 96% ninja.

Paper Fox is allergic to Pauly Shore.

Paper Fox's natural enemy is the ampersand.

Paper Fox makes bird houses out of floppy discs.

Paper Fox's pinky fingers are quadruple jointed. Yes there is such a thing.

Paper Fox is well aware that there's no business like show business.

Paper Fox's secret desire is to become Queen of the Pangolins.

Paper Fox poked a cat in the ear once.

Paper Fox has been bitten by a cat she once poked in the ear.

Paper Fox punches so many babies.

Paper Fox may have anger management issues.

Paper Fox loves you <3

These are the stories that popped up in the first SHS Hurt n Heal. I was given permission to write the death story for Megacoolstar, which I hope you find entertaining. Ryu wrote my death story when I was eliminated from the game, and in return I wrote a death story for him.

Megapornstar looked around the darkened room.
"Who's there?" he called out, not wanting to sound scared. "I know someone is here, show yourse...UGH!" Megapornstar stumbled forward, clutching the back of his head. He pulled his hands to his face, staring at his fingers which faintly glistened with blood. He turned around to see the hulking figures of Elbow Smash, Ryu007, The Last Star and Mr. GTA Fantastic staring back at him. "But why?" Megapornstar cried out, looking at each of his attackers in turn.
As an answer, Mr. GTA Fantastic swung out his fist, connecting with Megapornstar's jaw, sending him flying. As if on cue, The Last Star lunged forward, club in hand and proceeded to strike Megapornstar's crumpled body, each blow punctuated with the sound of breaking bones.
Ryu007 remained stoic as the carnage unfolded, seemly unfazed by the actions of his fellows.
"Because we can" whispered a voice. Megapornstar, with great agony, lifted his head to see Guess 3008 towering over him. The last thing Megapornstar ever saw was the sly grin on Guess 3008's face, as his bloodstained axe came crashing down.

Cardboard Fox found herself in a dining room of sorts with a coffin adorned with diamonds and rubies at one side. The most unusual, besides the coffin of course, was that there was two wine glasses and a small vial next to one of the glasses.
"You know you are next." A voice called from a chair that was facing away from her. "You have two choices, go willingly or go with more of the brute force you've witnessed countless times now."
The chair slowly turned around to reveal Ryu007. He hadn't caused any attacks against her but he did give her the option. She was obviously bruised up from countless attacks of her fellow contestants. Ryu007 placed his hand on the vial and poured it into one glass, taking up the other glass.
"Its quick, its painless. I've even arranged the coffin behind me for yourself. Just drink the wine and slowly drift into the coffin." Ryu007 said as he took a sip from the non-poisoned glass.

....minutes later....

The rest of the 'mob' entered. Mr. GTA_Fantastic, The Last Star, Guess 3008 and Random Heroine Senior rush in with bloodied weapons getting ready to beat Cardboard Fox to a pulp only to find that she is in a deep, deep, sleep within a coffin. Ryu007 is no where to be seen but a golden pistol left on the table signifying he was there.

Ryu007 gingerly opened his eyes. He felt a cool breeze on his face and the faint rustling of leaves. His head spinning, he slowly stood up and surveyed his surroundings. He was in a garden, and ahead he saw the mansion where his attackers were no doubt planning their next move.
“They’re going to find you, eventually” said a female voice. Ryu looked around and noticed a girl standing a few metres away from him, her long, blonde hair swaying in the breeze. She slowly walked towards him. “Nobody can ever leave here, those are the rules”.
Ryu looked at the girl who was now so close to him he could see the tears welling up in her eyes. “I can help you” she said, and leaned forward, pressing her lips against his. Ryu’s head was spinning again, but this time he didn’t mind so much. He closed his eyes, unaware of the silver dagger the girl held in her hand. In one swift movement the girl plunged the dagger deep into Ryu’s chest. His eyes flung open and he stumbled backwards, breaking the kiss. The girl withdrew her weapon and rushed forwards, the dagger falling to the ground. She knelt down to Ryu’s body, blood rapidly spilling from his wound. He looked up at her and saw the sadness in her beautiful face. He reached up and pulled her face to his, savouring the moment of this final kiss.

The following list in is no particular order, except alphabetical order, because that is the best kind.

Half Man. Half Beast. Half Lumberjack Commando.
If, by some bizarre occurrence, Chuck Norris and Bear Grylls were to have a bastard love-child, then Ajax would be it. He is a Sexual Tyrannosaurus both literally AND figuratively. To summarise: this guy is awesome. End of story.

A true Aussie legend, Cheskiman can be readily identified by his golden flaky crust. Cut Chelskiman open to reveal a mouthwatering mix of beef and gravy. Chelskiman can also be found in ‘Cheese and Bacon’ varieties. Chelskiman is best served with a side of chips and topped with tomato sauce.

Guy poops like a champion. His own words.

Dinotopia smells like apples. Mmm apples.

A man I adore; smart, funny, mysterious. He brings out my inner Metal Badger. Oh and he is a Transformers nerd too. Plus one billion affection points.

There is something intriguing about him that I just can’t put my finger on. Is it his glasses? Yeah, it’s probably his glasses.

Vero, I can say with 100% certainty that you are the greatest girl on Neo. You're a wonderful friend and soon to be a fantastic mother also <3

The first person I talked to on Neo. You’re probably the nicest guy on the site, and are always willing to help out with everything. You’re a bit obsessed with womens underwear though.

Marooned Chic:
Mistress!! Your beautiful personality shines through in your writings. You’re such a sweet and caring girl, but I think there’s a bit of a playful devil lurking inside too ;)

Alpha wolf. Heart of a lion. Cute as a kitty. Sassy as a sea otter.

My boyfriend, my best friend, my soulmate. I would be nothing without you. And you also make the best cheesecakes in the world!

Agent Mo:
Probably has the cutest accent ever.

I just farted.

"As in the soft and sweet eclipse, when soul meets soul on lovers' lips" (Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Prowl: Oh meat swords!
Paper Fox: Bahahahaa!
Prowl: What? Oh no no no I meant like meat on swords, oh.

Paper Fox: You know if Ada Wong had her hair just a little longer, and with a fuller fringe, I could totally look like her.
And if I had greyish hair...
...and a red dress
...and guns
ok i dont look anything like her.
ItBeMe: Heheh yeah you look better! XD Plus you arent Asian lol
Paper Fox: o_O I'm not?
ItBeMe: Wait, is Australia in Asia?
Paper Fox: No. But I'm half Asian.
ItBeMe: Heheh you are like her then. lol nah I thought you were aussie.
Paper Fox: I am!!!


Maxpower6969: du u hav da sista 2 ?
ItBeMe: No, its just my brother.
Maxpower6969: duz he av a sista ?
ItBeMe: I already said, "No, its just my brother." I have no sister.
Maxpower6969: no but duz hee,...
PR: Well if ItBeMe's brother had a sister then ItBeMe would also have the same girl as a sister ._. And why are you asking that?
Maxpower6969: i wana add her 2 ma frendz. i lyk tha wimen in hatz. espez u papor fax *wink*