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Feb 22, 14 3:32pm
I miss you, Paps! :3 <3
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Jun 8, 12 12:15am

Paper Fox's Brief History of Games- Vol. 1: Metal Gear Solid 3

I blame the chicken burger.

I'd had a cavity in my back tooth for a while, and after biting into a chicken burger* and feeling the sharp, horrible pain of an exposed nerve, I finally decided to stop stalling and go and see a dentist. One appointment later and I was booked in for dental surgery to have the offending back tooth pulled out, along with all 4 of my wisdom teeth. Once the surgery was completed and the numbness went away and my face no longer resembled a squirrel storing nuts in their puffy little cheek-pockets**, I was left with one week of nothing to do. Up until this point, my gaming life had mainly consisted of arcade fighters and beat-em-ups. I was still very fond of gaming, but I was growing gradually bored of the "mash x to kill bad guy" mechanic that dominated these genres. I wanted something fresh, something new. Then I remembered my boyfriend had been obsessing over this game I had never heard of.
That's when I was introduced to Metal Gear Solid 3.
That's when my whole world was turned upside-down.

Ok, well maybe I'm being a tad over-dramatic, but I really was blown away by this game. Everything about it was foreign to me, but it still sucked me in. It made me wide-eyed and innocent, naive and curious. This game had it all. Naked Snake- a protagonist with a personality, a kind of quiet charm that made me melt. The playful banter between Snake, Sigint and Para-Medic that stuck with me long after I had stopped playing. A story that, to this very day I'm still trying to wrap my head around. And of course, the battle with The End, which is by far the Best Boss Battle Of All Time.

I owe it all to you, chicken burger.

(*) which was delicious, by the way.

(**) sooo freakin adorable.

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Mar 22, 12 10:08pm

One of my biggest fears (third only to wasps and balloons*) is that there will come a point in my lifetime when I will no longer be able to play video games. It's a hobby that has quietly manifested itself over the past few years, to the point where gaming is as important to me as cake is to a fat child**. To know that one day I physically won't be able to play games anymore depresses me, so I've decided to delve deep into my brain-tank and make a record of my favourite games and gaming moments.

Maybe one day I can look back on it all when I'm old and grey and remember those times with fondness. And maybe other people will read what I've written and realise that gaming is a legitimate medium for entertainment; not just for children, not something to be ashamed of liking. Maybe people will realise that video games are just as capable of making people feel joy, sorrow, anger and a million other emotions as books and films can.
  • yes, really.
  • apologies, fatties.

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Jan 8, 12 10:00pm

My Dearest,
Please do not apologise for the lateness in your last letter, as you are aware I myself have taken too long to reply to you. The reason for my delay is a rather grave one.
My beloved, I have some terrible news. Due to the insufferable weather in this god-forsaken country, I hoped to cool down my person by taking a nice quiet dip in the towns lake. I had submerged myself for no longer than a few minutes when I felt a sharp stinging sensation around my right ankle. Without warning I was dragged under water! I managed to stuggle my way back to the surface and gasp for much needed air, when it happened again! I was thrashing about like a nutter, trying to pry loose whatever had entrapped me. I kicked hard with my free foot and suddenly I was free!
I swam towards the shoreline, but as I came within an inch of safety I was yanked back into the deep water. I was spun around and what I saw, oh my dearest it was the most hideous sight I had ever witnessed! I huge blubbery beast was towering over me! I went to scream but found myself smothered by this monster.
I felt him violate me in the worst manner imaginable. Luckily a passing Inuit saw me in such distress and managed to spear the beast. He dragged me to the safety of a nearby medicine hut.
Oh my dearest! How it is terrifying me to relate this tale back to you! My fingers tremble uncontrollably. But I must go on.
The kind shamans of the medicine hut tended to my many wounds. I later discovered the beast who attacked me was a dugong, also known as the "sodomisers of the sea". My love, I was lucky to escape with my life!
It pains me to tell you that the horrid monster had chewed off half my face, one breast and a quarter of a buttcheek. I am thankfully alive, however the beauty which has so captivated you is surely lost forever.
My dearest, I cannot blame you for wanting to find love with another soul now, for who would want to spend life with a half faced, one titted, quarter buttcheek-less fool. Know this, my love, that my fondness for you will not diminish. I believe I will spend my remaining days isolated from others, living in a ramshackle building made from scabs and dung, weaving baskets from pubic hair.
Forever yours,
One-Titted Fox.

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