my neohome isn't as good as dukers :(
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12/23/05- I have made my first unvailing of my neohome today at 12:00 pm EST, i have worked many many hours on this so appreciate it, listen to some music, and have some donouts.

1/7/08- wow, 2 years since i edited this. well what can i say? i began in january of 2005 looking up a fan-fic site for the new Paper Mario, i stumbles upon the Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door forum. i stayed there for..mabey a year or 3/4 of a year. i then branched out to different forums, including Mario kart DS and the Mario and Luigi: partners in time, as well as animal crossing: wild world, after that got boring i heard of a magical event called E3, watching the live streaming of the 06 show, hearing about the Wii. i was amazed.December 17,2006; I stayed out in cold 0 degree weather with negative windchill for 10 hours infront of BEST BUY, being number 18 of 18 Wii's, i was so freaking lucky. everyone behind me was pissed off, all i could say was "in your face assholes". I had already been visiting the General Wii Forum, and now i`ve been participating there ever since. i occasionally visit the Xbox 360 forum just to check up what new is happening with microsoft.In the summer of 2007, i got addicted to GUITAR HERO, and gradually moved up from EASY to EXPERT in a matter of one month, while my friends (who had been playing since the first GH came out were stuck on medium and Hard). In the winter (early december) of 2007, i purchased myself a 80GB PS3 bundled with Motorstorm for $499. I now carry out the tradition of Guitar Hero, waiting in line at midnight to get Guitar Hero 3. for Christmas 2007, i recieved ROCK BAND special edition. it *bleep*ing rocks. if you wanna talk, just PM me.

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