Hey neoseekers around the world, this is my Neohome, soon to be filled with junk. If anyone wants to contact me via MSN, firstly I must know them and they must NeoPM me before I give it out. If anyone wants to contact me via PSN, drop me a friend invite, telling me what your Neoseeker member name is, and from that I will decide whether you are worthy enough of being my friend. What I'm Playing: 1. Lord of the Rings: Conquest 2. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift 3. Bioshock 4. Reistance 2 5. Call of Duty: World at War What I'm Reviewing: Bioshock, Mirror's Edge, Kane & Lynch, Alone in the Dark Top 10 Upcoming Titles: 1. God of War III 2. Killzone 2 3. DC Universe Online 4. inFamous 5. White Knight Chronicles 6. Monster Hunter Unite 7. Demon's Soul 8. Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce 9. Dynatsy Warriors 6: Empires 10. Heavy Rain