I can't wait for spring. I'm tired of all the snow and the cold weather.
Merry Christmas!!~
Just watched a really creepy video about a urban legend "The Smith sisters". Guess who's not going to sleep tonight. O-O
Am I the only one who doesn't like the song "What Does The Fox Say?"?
Does anyone else hate YouTube's new commenting system? It's giving me a headache...
Today is my birthday! :D
So hyped for the release of The Walking Dead: 400 days on Wednesday!!!!!
Can't believe I have to wait for Fall to play season 2 of The Walking Dead!
Very bored......
Happy New Year!!!!! :D
Can't wait for Episode 5 of the Walking Dead!!!
Listening to Type O Negative! :)
Super bored... listening to music :)
Hi! Happy Holidays!!!!
This game just scared the shit outta me! ClockTower PSX
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