Oh there's a hole, there's a hole, there's a hole on the bottom of the sea
Going to camp now, see y'all on Friday!
Chillin' out on the couch with my dog and Death Note: Volume 1.
I love Google <3
You people laugh at me for being different. I laugh at you people for being the same.
Waffles taste nice.
I can't think of what to put in here so I'll just put this sentence explaining that I don't know what to put here.

Well firstly, Hello people. As can see by the title this is my first one =D.
Now, since I don't know what exactly what to write, I will treat whoever is reading this to a nice sexy picture of a Llama.

Now that your done admiring this Llamas sexyness i will tell you some stuff about me.

My name is Ethan Solomon. If you want to know anymore stuff you are a stalker. Period.
Also, I like waffles. Do you?

Hurro peepoles. Howzit?
Yay i have finally got round to doing this! So yeah.
i like eating hankeys

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