EMDerlien93 Paka7
Mar 19, 09 3:14am
Hey Paka, decided to sign your guestbook as I am pleased you agree with most of my posts in the FMH 2009 forum and giving me positive reviews for my FIFA 09 talent scouting. United til I die!
ArseNal ForEveR 23 Paka7
Mar 8, 09 3:39am
You signed mine, I sign yours everyone is very very very happy. Yippie!!!!!! You are a great help, and I've chosen to sign it for that reason.
BazBro Paka7
Mar 1, 09 12:08am
Hey Patrick,didn't know you live in Ireland,same for me but I live in Dublin.Anyway,drop me a PM if you wanna chat or talk about random stuff.So...I'll see you then!!

Dec Paka7
Feb 21, 09 1:35am
Thanks for signing my guestbook and in answer to your question - yes it will work.

pobin Paka7
Feb 16, 09 5:50am
pobin is here 2k9 (dats 2009 for any assholes dat dont know anyting) i am a leader, just like baraq obama and i will give u advice on how 2 b a pro. listen 2 ur GOD and u will b a master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HisServant77 Paka7
Feb 9, 09 11:15am
Hey! Thanks for signing my guestbook! Haha, well sure I'll sign yours! Here I go, I'm signing your guestbook . . .


Hope to see you around!