I see you in a lot of the forums I frequent. 'Twould seem that we have similar taste in games! I think I signed your guestbook long ago, when you were new, but I can't remember for sure and am too lazy to check through and find out for sure. If that's the case, then you can keep which ever one you prefer and delete the other.
I'm rambling, aren't I...? Anyway, thanks for the complements to my modding! See ya around!
My stamp doesn't work.
Guess your guestbook can't be insanely cool now. J/K

anyway, please sign my guestbook, if you haven't already.
Hey, sup man? I've seen ya around at FFT and... other forums. Well, I'm just signing since I've got nothing better to do right now, and I guess I'll see ya around later. See ya.
Thanx for signing my guestbook. You seem pretty cool yourself. Your a great poster in the suikoden 3. Keep it up man! I'll cya around!!

yo sup man? thanx for the words in the guestbook, and i've seen you around a lot as well. i like your new avatar, and keep posting, Neo needs good members like you.
alright man see you around
Hey, what's up? I see you around the FFXII forum quite a bit, and I just thought I'd drop in and sign this. Glad to see another RPG fan. It's a shame that you don't visit Fox Hole anymore though. Anyway, Peace!

I just signning with a friendly stamp of my U-name. I don't expect you to sign my guestbook in repay, but if you do, Thank you very much

Hey sup dude. Don't you feel special the master is signing your guestbook lol j/k. Well it's cool chatting with ya on AIM and it's good to have another RPG Fan. Keep on posting, later.

Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.

Thanks for joining, dude! We are, the great Revivers! No one can stop us from saving the forum. We are one. Thanks again, dude.
Hey, what's up? I see ya around here quite a bit so I thought I'd take my precious time and sign your guestbook. Pretty new member, I see... well, there ya have it, your first signature! Enjoy! *and return the favor*

PS: Join Fox Hole!