Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around PN0yplayinURMOMMA. Sign back if you want...
I know we don't talk or nothing but I'd like to thank you for helping people like me get to were there at now. Your Tactics & Tricks really helped me open up some new ideas for myself, peace.

DirtyMouth aka: 6Blade













Sign my Guest Book sometimes and here is my stamp:
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just signing since i saw your sig..
here is a pic for you
sup! just signing guestbooks. will you sign mine? c/y!

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I saw you around the forums so here's my stamp:

The Legend is back......



LOOK!! The smiles are blushing to see you, they must really like you aren’t you lucky

I saw you in the G&A and I decided to sign yo' guestbook.

I see your a fellow 'Pinoy'.


Well, peace out.

-Big D
Thanks for signing my guestbook! I've never really seen you around Neo though, so it's strange for you to sign my book. Come visit the PS2 forum!!

General PS2
Hi, how are you? Anyway, I've been going around signing random peoples guestbooks and, well, here I am. Could ya please sign my g-book.



By the Idiot himself...
I wonder what a PNOY is. Could it be a friend from Texas. Oh well, I just came back from vacation, so blah, I must reply to your signing with the PNOY. Here is the PNOY

Rage Eyes: Minister of Dark Lightning
Hello, and welcome to CuTe CuTe CoRpz. We will now sign your guestbook.

While you are waiting, would you like some music? Some coffie perhaps? We would like to make you as comfy as possible while you wait. ^.^

We shall now stamp your guestbook.

Thank you for your patience!

Message for PNOyplayinURMOMMA: always make sure to smile! It brightens up your day and if you don't, you might wish you did!

cheers for signing my guestbook, cool stamp btw

Hey, just signing my friends G-Book, later.

Hey there bro. Haven't talked to you in a while. Well, as you can see I am starting to get into banner making as well. Heh better watch your back. I might surpass you in Banner making skillz soon. Also dont worry. you'll become a mod some day. Just work real hard, and do your best to help others, in need of assistance. I know you can do it. So hows it going? Everything going good, down in the heezy fosheezy. So I see, a dude has been causing you some grief and annoying the shit out of you, lately. Well dont just stand there do something you pansy. Dont let him beat you down like that. Well I hope we can chat more, like we used to. Kinda miss the good ol days. Peace out bro.
Hello to all your fellow readers, this kid knows his Shiz when it comes to FF7 Glitches. Peace all.

P.s. Sign my guestbook
hey...just signin ur guestbook....
well...thanx for everything and cya l8r
Hey, you're really cool, a pretty good with graphics. thanx so much for the banner, in return, i'm signing. well, talk to you later.
yo yo yo homie g wassup dawg yo man i bet that starcrafter dude is your friend man!! hey so sup, oh now you think your so cool? huh, yeah biatch! no im just kidding, thank you come again!!
Hey hows it going. I've been seeing you around Starcraft Brood War, so I thought I sign you rguestbook. SIgn mine too if you can.

Rage Eyes: Minister of Dark Lightning

P.S(You owe me two banners;))
Sup, what's been happening? I'm just signing all my NeoFriends Guestbook. Try to keep on posting in the Kingdom Hearts forum, and keep on making the banners.

Hey PNO,
Whatsup? Thanks for making me that banner. It's so tight:). I'll see you around in the Forums. See ya! Sign My Guestbook.