I'm a filipino,I make banners,I like hentai,and anime! I make banners too!! hentai.....heheh....hentai...hehehe...

Im Filipino,Chinese,Japanese,Korean...

Things have changed since last update which was 2-6-03, Time has gone by and my art work with Photoshop has gone up amazing heights!!

This update,which is on November 22 2003,is just to keep people updated.
I am now in High School, I am still in love with Anime, I listen to Trance instead of Hip Hop,I have learned how to type and what not.
I now have a FindApix site and a Xanga, PM me if you wish to know about it,I now draw,again. I have quit doing Banners and avatars, I may do it again,but most likely a slim chance.

I am now in High school and I am loving it since alot of Girls are here.

I was actually thinking of leaving Neoseeker,but I needed something to do, hehe.

Well,thats it for this update, be sure to check in a few months and I may update it once more.

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Well,it is now August 15,2004!
I have not updated my Xanga in how many months?!
Well,I passed 9th grade and im still going strong! I'll be in 10th grade in less than a month.
Well,thats about it.
Sorry for keeping you guys waiting ^^;

Well,see you soon!

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August 15,2004


Making banners,Girls,Anime,Girls,Japanese Girls....

I love to play games and I also like hanging out with my freinds.
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Feb 6, 2003

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