SunnyDelight Orion
Jun 25, 05 6:07am
You haven`t had a signing in two years or so so I`ll help out!

Melody Orion
Jun 17, 03 5:44am
What? I'm talking about my stuffed bear! Welcome to Melo.INC. We shall sign your guestbook......*Music*......Thank you for your patience. We shall now proceed on stamping your guestbook.

If you shall "click" Or special stamp it shall lead you the main base of Melo.INC
We shall now proceed on turning up the Music so when alone you may jump up and down all you want.
Thank you for visiting at Melo.INC. Enjoy your day!
Kudzuka Orion
Mar 28, 03 12:26pm
Dude, the joker rules. Your banner rules, the 1989 Batman movie kicked ass with Jack as the joker. I'm just signing this because I like your style, anybody who is a fan of the joker is awesome. my number one, yahhhhhhhhh ahhhhh!!!! Never rub another mans rubarb.
staticfire Orion
Aug 27, 02 3:51pm
What up yo, I guess I'm the first to sign your G-book!

Now that I signed it, It's a straight G book..Top of the list..You know it!