shinypoke Origin
Mar 27, 10 4:22am
thak you for moderating pokemon.if you for using your time to moderate pokemon.also thanks for telling me you deleted my post.i have been on other websites and they deleted my messages without even telling me.all im trying to say is thanks for moderating pokemon.
gamez expert Origin
Dec 24, 09 9:31am
Hey, tis the festive season again so time for the christmas stamps, merry christmas

Hurricarno Origin
Dec 25, 08 7:42am

Hope you have a fun, exciting, and trouble free tomorrow!
Artirtico Origin
Dec 25, 08 2:57am

And to get you in the Christmas mood – the best Christmas song ever!

Samkuro Origin
Sep 2, 08 7:08pm

A Stamp for your Guestbook
I am on a Guestbook Signing spree LOL
Have A Good Day ^__^
CardCaptor Sakura Origin
Jun 29, 08 6:19am
Ohmahgosh it's me again.

I'm going to take over your guestbook like I did my other friend's guestbook. >=E
bohric Origin
Jun 24, 08 9:48pm
Your forum siggy is hilarious.

"Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

I honestly cracked up at that.
CardCaptor Sakura Origin
Jun 22, 08 6:44pm
Since my religion is Minism,(and you are the almighty god!) I thought it should be "ohmahmini" and not "ohmahgod".

Keep that cute little kitty yawning, and you are an awesome person, who deserves 1000+ stampings from people.
Amoena Origin
May 17, 08 5:14am
Hey Mini, just dropping in. Hmm..well, let me browse for a stamp for youuu! *browses*

Oh yeah, I'm emo.

Stamp back when you get the chance!
Bluepikky24 Origin
May 14, 08 4:40pm
Hi, Mini. Just thought I'd sign your guestbook and say some things.
. You are a excellent moderator for the Pokemon Pearl forum and a awesome friend.
. I am honoured to call you my friend.
. I really enjoy talking to you.
. I have a multitude of stamps at my disposal, waiting until I choose to use them.
. You deserve to be the neoseeker president for 2008 more than anyone else I know.

Here are just a few of the stamps I've collected.

Enjoy! Credit goes to Crystal Creation for the top two ones and Watergod50 (formerly known as Watergod100) for the third. By the way, I would be honured if you would please check out my two fanfics on the Pokefiction forum and comment on them. Here is the link to my second one.

My first one:

There is a sequel and the link for that is at the end of the 16th page of Destruction of Darkness. But don't bother with that link since the first part of the story hasn't been typed yet. Anyway, I'll see you in the forums and on PMs.

Your friend, Bluepikky24. Or if you want, you can call me Josh. Whichever. (not to be confused with Crystal Creation)

P.S. Please sign back.

P.P.S. What you said when replying that you would like to be my friend is correct. I am a cool person. I try to stick to the rules as much as I can, my friend.
Dark Arcanine Origin
Apr 28, 08 10:19am
Moderator of my favourite forum and a friend... a stamp for you!

Oh and update that NeoHome would you? XD By which I mean you know you want to add me. =3
Eclipse Origin
Apr 5, 08 5:47pm
Hey Moderator! Stamping you for being a great mod and for helping me out yesterday

Yrpsrk Origin
Feb 24, 08 6:45pm
i know we dont talk but i wanna sign your guestbook so here it goes its coming be ready its gonna come now wait now no no now
Anubis Origin
Feb 1, 08 5:41pm
Congrats on the promotion!! Never really got to know you, but I'm sure you'll do fine!!

Mrblikey Origin
Jan 8, 08 10:18pm

... C+C?

And... Would you like to be friends?

Crimson Fury Origin
Dec 6, 07 9:49am
Just passing through...

Mnmfan Origin
Dec 4, 07 1:19am
And here is your 2nd stamp.

You can still stamp me 2 more times to earn yourself 2 more stamps.
Mnmfan Origin
Dec 4, 07 1:18am
As promised here are your stamps.

Hope you like it.
Xonora Origin
Nov 30, 07 7:20pm
Geez, I can't believe how many Aussies are on here.

See ya round,
bob247 Origin
Nov 19, 07 3:11pm
I'm going leaving neossker, it's too boring here online.¤t=new.jpg
Crystal Creation Origin
Oct 14, 07 4:06am
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Empoleon1996 Origin
Oct 7, 07 8:14pm
I forgot to sign your guestbook!Thanks for being such a great friend!I hope I'll see you around the forums some more!By the way thanks for signing my geustbook.Keep being an all around awsome guy!
Crystal Creation Origin
Sep 22, 07 5:17pm
Best Wishes on your Birthday, Tim.
May you get a lot of Presents, but even more Cash!

Take Care:

SleepingNinetails Origin
Sep 22, 07 8:25am
what, did you think i wouldn't get you something?

YEAH! the NOVA dude ROCKS! about the only thing i know you'd like. Best wishes on your day, and remember...

Don't drink and drive...
Smoke and Fly!

jkjk, no drugs, ever... and stuff...

See ya around

Mikez2605 Origin
Sep 18, 07 10:05pm
u seem like a pretty decent guy. im new to this so i wud appreciate it if u help me. or you can reject me

ur my first guestbook signing! ur so cool!

I have no stamp nooby me