Iscariot OreoKiddo
Dec 25, 03 8:51pm

May your holidays be filled with joy! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Vv OreoKiddo
Apr 18, 03 5:05am
hi oreo
just thought i'll sign your guest book
i like to draw too
are you planning to become an artist, i am....just wondering
so what's your advice on drawing?
i also like to draw anime characters too
well c-y,
fF_master46 OreoKiddo
Dec 04, 02 4:02am
Hey Oreo, you're a great guy, and really fun to talk to on Neo. See you in the FFT forums. You should really check out these games: Star Ocean 3, Starcraft: Ghost, and Xenosaga. Just a bit of advice between gamers. And remember, 'we are not tools of the government or anybody else' (wow, I'm obsessed with Metal Gear Solid 2!)
Mr Matthews OreoKiddo
Nov 26, 02 7:50pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I couldn't agree with you more on the poser issue. They suck and like you said, give us die hards a bad name.

Anyway I found the march 8th website really interesting which is why I put it in my signature. Hofefully its not a hoax and something will happen. I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, I see ya around here and there and you seem really cool. So...I guess I'll see ya around.

Wilhelmus OreoKiddo
Nov 13, 02 2:52pm
I really want to thank you for signing my guestbook (it was quite empty) and that's why I honor you by signing your guestbook. Good luck and I'll see you around too at the FF8-forum
Gold_knight_blazer OreoKiddo
Nov 03, 02 10:38pm
hehe, sorry bout that. anyway, thanks for signing my guest book (i could've sworn you ive seen you on the ff7 forums...) maybe ill see you on the fft neo team battles, i hope to join the next. c'ya around!
Excalibur OreoKiddo
Oct 12, 02 2:49am
heh, thanks for sigining......i completely forgot there was a G.Book thing a magiger

well laters, GO tactician Alliance!!

(oh yeah, i rule by the way, lol j/k)
Dark Legolas OreoKiddo
Oct 11, 02 4:26am

Note: This is a randomly generated signing, that others will get the same as you.
Amourette OreoKiddo
Oct 02, 02 3:02am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.

Neras OreoKiddo
Sep 22, 02 12:58pm

Thanx fer signing my guestbook, I'm here to return the favour

See ya later mate!

P.S. Gah, damn minimum length thing

KalEEna OreoKiddo
Sep 06, 02 1:47pm
Hey what's happenin. You're a great help on the ff8 forum! Just thought I'd drop by and say hi.(hehe it rhymes) Well, look forward to seein ya around! Peace
Excalibur OreoKiddo
Sep 01, 02 12:47am
hahaha, i just realized i forgot about the guestbook thing a magiger for months and there are people that signed mine, and it would be mean if i didnt sign yours so here ya go, an offical sign....cept i got terrible typewriting lol

laters S.Fox

PS2RpgDude OreoKiddo
Aug 31, 02 5:36pm
Hey Oreo, I thought'd I sign yours. Returning the favor! Heh. Anyway,
Thanks for signing mine.
I gotta go, so seeya.

RPG_Master44 OreoKiddo
Aug 31, 02 3:08am
Hmmm I never signed....well better late then never lol. Well thanks for signing mine. You are a good member at FFT and FF7 and thank god you don't spam anymore lmao j/k. We see ya around.

~Tacticians Forever~
playstation_chick OreoKiddo
Aug 22, 02 10:41pm
heya oreo. thanks sooo much for the banner and stuff. Ya work wonders with that! newayz, i've been seein ya in the FFT forum, and you're a cool guy. See ya round!
oblivion46000 OreoKiddo
Aug 22, 02 1:40am
Hey man, how's it going? I'm signing your Guest Book because I've seen you lots at the FF Tactics forum alot and you seem like a really cool guy. And I've seen the other banners you made and they all look pretty cool, and thanks for the banner. Well I'll see you around, later.
heero33 OreoKiddo
Aug 19, 02 11:02pm
dude that was a real fatal fury picture. i found it on . it is mai galore!!!
Aeris OreoKiddo
Aug 03, 02 2:24am
Hiii there SnowFox!!!!!!!!!

Just thought I'd like to sign your guestbook, you're a cool fellow, glad I got to see your forum.

PS: You should put the URL adress of your forum in your profile

Cya later
DragonGod LOrd OreoKiddo
Aug 01, 02 5:17pm
Hi how are ya doing? I return your favor! CYA!Well i must write more thing to reach those 125 charachters!" Well I mus go out this is the third ampliffication i made so far!
cheesemonkey OreoKiddo
Jul 26, 02 7:32pm
Yo, I don't know you, this is just a random signing, its fun signing random peoples guestbooks, you should try it sometime...well I gotta go sign more random peoples guestbooks now, later, feel free to sign my guestbook if you want.
Tikal_Cutie2712 OreoKiddo
Jul 14, 02 2:58pm
U dont know who this is but i just thought i would be the first 2 sine ur guestbook!!!
I must say that u have a great name!!! If u want u can sine mi guestbook and or pm me!!!,
C ya round,