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  • "a gory and and good game with a good free roaming element to it but is very repetetive and needs a better variety of beasts Prototype"
    nasty nappa Jun 19, 11 10:24am
  • "just bought this, sorta like the hulk for wii or ps2 but its way better and better graphics, awesome limb transformation,9.8/10 Prototype"
    deathreaper82 Mar 5, 11 7:12pm
  • "Trying to get platinum in all events, so far so good, need time! SOmething i dont have! "
    BOONaMAi_Reedbkwrdz Nov 7, 10 9:17pm
  • "AMASSING Game! :D :D :D :D :D This Is One Of My Favourite Games And I'm Only Praying For A Number 2 I Highly Recommend It Alex Mercer... "
    HyenaBonz Aug 15, 10 11:31am
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