Well i go by the tag Onyx_Wolf (not to be mistaken by the deviant artist Onyxwolf)
I am a /b/rother
I play loads of ddr
Im in H.S.
I might not be a "Pro Gamer" because i dont play for "Prize Money" but if there is a challenge ill be on it like a Male dog on a female dog when they are both in heat.
I play football(Soccer)
Im pretty bad ass at cooking
I <3 Techno especialy HappyHardcore
People who make other people feel like crap pisses me off
If your going to talk crap about me please do it gives me one more reason why i should be better then you
Dont be supprised when I act Perverted because we all have that side on us
Lol my "FAT MONEY COW" friend told me about this website so props to him.


I play loads of games but my favorites are
SSBB(The my most played game)
Metroid prime 3
Twilight Princess
Soul Calibur Legends
Wii Fit
Wii Sports
Gutair Hero 3
DDR:Extreme 2
(What i like ddr. Is their a problem?)
Tekken Tag
MPH (Im not that good at it but i still enojy it)
Tetris DS(I <3 Tetris)
Kirby super star ultra
Guilty Gear DS(Button mashing at its finest)
Brain Age
Brain age 2
Big Brain Academy
Tony Hawk american SK8 Land
Pacman Adventure
Kirby Super stars
Streets of rage(I forgot some of the names of these games bare with me)
Metal Gear (the only one i can remeber D:
Team Fortress 2
Audio Surf
Combat Arms
SF(I used to be well known in the game but most of the memebers in my clan left cause of SF being so laggy after the Train and Bridge Map Patches)
SSB Kilmera aka SSB Online (I dont have a proper controler for my computer so i use the keyboard in this game)

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