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(this may be a bit too brief to be classified as a "rant", but bear with me)

So after a lengthy conversation with Jyarra on AIM, I have decided that in order to get my opinions and personal preferences out here on the internet, I could easily just post them. But that requires effort. So I started a blog.

Now, my view on blogs is a bit skewed, mostly because I believe that people who use them (this is a gigantic generalization here) are either college students who like using Facebook, or some middle-aged man such as my father.

But I feel like since I cannot be bothered to keep a journal as writing by hand annoys me, keeping a blog is the next best thing. I suppose I could type it and then print it, but heaven forbid if my family reads it after finding it in the printer.

However, there are also some drawbacks of having a blog. For instance, anybody can read this damn thing, so there goes all my naked drawings and pornographic novels. Though on the other hand, nobody would read this so it doesn't matter either way. There is also the little setback of people being able to comment on your post.
While this is good for people telling you to shut up about video games or social networking for a while, it will not improve your mood if you say, broke your foot, and someone points out that is your own fault. Journals are not supposed to talk back.

So yes, Onocron is here for blogging. I'm new to this, so please don't hurt me after the first few posts. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go rant about groups with Jyarra, as I left him blabbing about it while I typed this.


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