Did you know the Safety Regulations Act 1994 says that your employer has to give lessons on how to sit properly when using a keyboard (read it in my ICT textbook, w00t, useless facts ftw)? WTF tbh! Don't sit with one hand on the floor awkward would that lesson be? Finding that in a textbook is like one of my biggest lifetime acheivements...oh yeah and got an A in my maths GCSE and a B in French (stupid teacher who we threw paper aeroplanes at every lesson), but I think a useless fact from a textbook pwns GCSEs. Don't you agree?

Defining Moments of my Life:

Seeing a Manta Ray when Scuba Diving in the Red Sea.

Using my limited knowledge of the German language to piss off Germans on a school trip, let's see...In german I... - asked a shop assistant if I could light a fire in his shop (was quickly told to get out);
- told one of those human statues that he had no penis after he refused to talk to me (that turned a few heads in the middle of Koln); - asked a German girl how much she was per night;
- ran round a theme park singing that I ate Potato Salad ("Ich esse...KARTOFFELSALAT!");
- and finally told the Germans that I couldn't hear them singing anymore after Argentina scored against them in the World Cup - we were watching the game along with about 300 german people ("Kannst du horen Deutschland singen? Nein, nein!" -- was something like that).

I have nothing against German people by the way, they're cool, It's just funny to see how much you can get away with, was just hyped up about the trip enough to do it. Don't worry, I didn't mention the war or Hitler...I'm not THAT stupid.

Another defining moment...getting Sir Alex Ferguson's autograph.


Gaming, girls, fantasy films, music, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, Guild Wars, Scuba Diving etc. etc.


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