I like a lot of different things. Here, I will tell you all of the things I like, and why I like each of them. Each thing has it's own unique quality that is special to me. Well, I guess it's time for me to get started!

Writing - I just love telling stories. I love it when someone reads one of the things you have written and their eyes light up with joy because they think it is so good. I just like seeing people smile.

Drawing - I'm not very good at drawing, yet I try my hardest and I have gotten a lot better then when I first started out. I like drawing people best.

Reading - It's very relaxing. I can just find a quiet plae, sit down, and read a book. It's really fun, and I'll get really into some of the books I'm reading.

Pokemon - I have been a strong Pokemon fan since it first came out. That's pretty good since I was only about a year old when Pokemon came to America. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I would always try to play my brothers Pokemon games, but he would never let me. Whenever he wasn't around, I played the games. (Yes... I played video games when I was little.) I made sure neever to save though... that would have been bad.

Anime - I really like the way it's drawn, and the story lines are usually very good. It's one of my favorite kind of shows to watch on television. My favorite Anime are: Pokemon, Naruto, Sailor Moon, DBZ, Inuyasha, FMA, Bleach, Negima!, and .Hack//Sign.

Playing With Puppies - I have a doggy named Angel and she is very cute. I very much enjoy playing with her.... although she probably just enjoys it more. (She likes running in cirlces...)

Eating Cake - I absolutely LOVE cake! It is one of my most favorite things to eat. My favorite kind of cake would have to be a yellow cake with chocolate frosting... Yum!!!

-Don't worry... that's not all I have... I'll add more later!-


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