9999 per damage, Mime with Counter( I automatically counter with my last move, even if it's a summon, and no mp required! ) FinalFantasy7 PC
This game is impossible DarkSector PC
I don't own this yet, but I'm 100% getting it! LittleBigPlanet2 PS3
I have everything, literally EVERYTHING. You name it, I have it MonsterHunterFreedomUnite PSP
Name: Omerotsu(as always) Lv:99 Hp:9500+? Weapon:UltimaSword All 3 Master Materias Defeated UltimaWeapon, RubyWeapon,... FinalFantasy7 PSX
Every Battle is like a Boss Battle!!!! Thay last forever!!! FinalFantasyXIII PS3
Level 100 all characters and jobs. My leveling-up technique is GENIUS! FinalFantasyTacticsTheWarOfTheLions PSP
9th Prestige Lv70, All titles and emblems CallOfDutyModernWarfare2 X360
1st Prestige Lv46, All titles and emblems CallOfDutyWorldAtWar PS3
I got Sasuke to Lv81, Sasuke is the best in this game! NarutoShippudenLegendsAkatsukiRising PSP
Itachi is unstoppible in this game! NarutoUltimateNinjaHeroes PSP

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