Since I'm writing this about myself isn't it an autobiography? Indeed it is. Not much to say, I work at Wal-Mart, drink, and fight in a "guild." At the time of typing this I was watching the Street Fighter II Animated Movie.


I'm into Star Trek, anime, and fighting. That's about the only specifics I can give you. I'm interested in almost everything that everybody else finds boring.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2, 2007: Ok now, I have to side with 000DESTRUCT0 on this one. Loungin' bans FTL, sitewide bans FTW. Thumbs down to the decision to ban me from only one forum.

However, this is a good thing for me. As it's Tuesday morning at about 12:16 in the morning, and I have a project due today at school I need to start and complete before I go to bed, this situation will force me to pass a class.
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