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Nov 1, 13 10:51am
Yo Slut!
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Oct 5, 11 9:09pm

Its time for Song 100:

Know Your Enemy - Green Day

So its song onehundred. A rather simpistic track, but it has a solid fist pumping beat. One of green days newer tracks. Really nothing more to say. It just stands out a nice fist pumping song.

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Oct 4, 11 1:30am

Well, low and be hold I decided to do something with my boredom and start a little blog here. To start Ill be doing a list of my 101 favorite songs. As hard as it was to come up with the list, I finally narrowed it down. The list is full of many different genres and styles. Many different bands. Each day I will post a song, with an accompanying video, and my feelings towards the song, what I like and why its ranked where it is. All comments are welcome. And enjoy reading. ;)

F by Maximum the Hormone

The first song on my list. After cutting 30+ other songs I was left with this one. One of the few foreign language songs on the list as well as that I own. Naturally I found this song through randomness associated with Dragonball as the song does talk about the series. What I do enjoy about the song (As lyrics are out of the question) is the real high energy that is present (as is the case with most J music). It really draws you in. Then the vocalist has quite a range for screaming as well as a passable singing voice. There are quite a few sounds and textures to the song. Theres alot to listen to in this track. High energy well laid solo. After the solo you get a good Iron Maiden-esque galloping riff briefly. This song has all the key elements for a High Powered song. Which is the main attraction and why I find myself drawn to it.

music musingsthoughts
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Jan 30, 10 2:52am
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Dec 26, 09 1:35am
yumm. yumm girl.
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Sep 8, 09 7:20pm
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