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I don't know, girls obviously.

My birthday is on November 4th in the year of 1989. i'm in 9th grade now!!!!!!!!

wow, I really need to upgrade the profile, err, update????


Damn it I need to learn how to spell!

Do you like my sigs?

do you like this?

the hosting site for my christmas sig is shit, i need to remember my imagesation password.

A, E, I, O, and U are the vowels of the Roman/Latin alphabet. Guess what? We use the same alphabet as the Romans did with the exception of three letters! The letters are no big deal as a simple two letterds can take the place of that missing leter ^_^

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Clip

I seriously need to update. i noticed i don't delete anyting from my Profile, why? I have no idea. I'm just a pack rat I guess.

Do you people like the Rikku and Yuna Banner? PM me with your comments!;)

I have a sick mind


Anime, girls, Final Fantasy X and FFX-2's hot charcters! Yuna and Rikku!!!!! they're Hot!!!!


Current Sis: 34

*If you want to know my AIM, just PM me and I will tell you ;), but that is if you're a hot girl.

Visit this site about the Shinsengumi:


If you see me posting, and you see me offline, it means you're not my Neo-Friend.

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Review: Final Fantasy X - Graphics Graphics Graphics...And Voices!!!!!!

Feb 21, 2004

Sphere grid is awesome way to level up! The Computer Graphics are Awesome, those well done ones anyway. The normal ones were good, but I don't have anything bad to say about them. Fighting is random and is turn-base. You get to summon summonings...


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