Hello, I'm a normal person. How do you do? I'm having a good day. Normal people are so normal it's weird.

Welcome, fellow seekers! Welcome to _The Rooms!_ The Rooms is a somewhat simple game. First of all I will explain the n

Welcome, fellow Pokemon friends! Welcome to _The Doors!_ The Doors is a somewhat simple game. First of all I will expla

Do you have problems going on? If you do you can post them here. You can get all your stuff off your chest here and we can ch

It's awesome. That's all you need to know, or else I'll spoil your life forever and infinitely. DragonQuestMonstersJoker2 DS
I stopped. It's too freakin' hard and long. I got to Kyogre ONCE, and died in about 3 turns.
It's great, but 1 problem: I lost HM Dive!! PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam DS
Broken. Just broken now. No continue function no more. PokemonRed GBC
I need a Pinsir and Magmar!!! PokemonRed GBC
The Fire Guardian in Memoria is almost IMPOSSIBLE and then the real guardian that I had to fight was almost UNABLE TO LOSE AGAINST!!! FinalFantasy9 PS3
I don't remember where my game is, but I still barely remember my awesome team. PokemonRed GBC
Nothing, but now I can beat Nightmare mode. LegendOfMana PSX
I beat the game, pwned people with my epic Devil Wolf, and then pwned the first B-Killer quickly BeybladeMetalFusionBattleFortress Wii
I am trying to get all my quests back for Enten, I beat the game 1 time so I tryed out nightmare mode, not what you think it is. Dead. LegendOfMana PSX
I'm not doing much, but I have a message for you. I made a thread in Legend of Mana (LoM) and if you have it, look at my thread I made.
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