Ways to be stoned to death in my country:Breathing,Speaking,Blinking,Feeling Emotion,Stoning Someone to Death,Refusing to Stone Someone to Death,Getting Stoned and not to Death,Reading laws of Getting Stoned to Death,Writing Laws of Getting Stoned to Death,Listening to Laws of Getting Stoned to Death,Picking up a Stone without intent of using it to Stone Someone to Death,Apologizing,Laziness,Working,Not Working,Crying,Peeing,Refusing to be Stoned to Death,Allowing yourself to be Stoned to Death,Marrying,Divorcing,Having a Child,Not having a Child,Whipping Rather than Stoning to Death,Eating,Sleeping,Being Awake,Reading,Knowing How to Read,Asking Why We Stone You to Death,Dying,Living,Passing on to the Afterlife,Commiting Suicide,Commiting Homicide,Disobeying Oglop's commands.