What the hell is this supposed to mean? It's been on my mind forever and I didn't want to waste a thread talking about it. But seriously, what make speople think clams are happy? They don't smile, we eat them, they die outside of water..... that doesn't sound like a recipe for happiness.


Well folks, I am dissapoint. Despite all that blackmail to the supers, OMZ was chosen to be Dragonball Mod, not me. He's probably best for the job, but I think Mishimi will always be better than best :( Oh well, it's not like I really cared about being a mod anyway. *adjusts noose* Anyway, good luck OMZ, hope you do well *kicks stool out from under me*

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A bot sent me a PM just now, and I can't tell you how happy I was. Not really, it was an inconvienience to my day, but I enjoyed sending this message that they would never read back to them:

Dear Bot,

I have recieved your message and will happily send you this message that you shall not read. Undoubtedly you wiash to send me viruses and or pornography, and AI will accept neither, although I will gladly laugh at any and all fools who fall for this. I am willing to bet you are a fat 43 year-old man who wishes to net people for your own amusement. Have a nice day


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Take a look at <a href="http://www.roblox.com/User.aspx?ID=3193632&userid=3193632&rbx_source=ambassador&rbx_medium=Direct&rbx_campaign=ambpro">my sick profile</a> on ROBLOX, a ok creative virtual world

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Oglop is sending ransom letters

So I was in the Loungin' Marijuana thread, trying to help, but since I've never had marijuana, I guess it was inevitable that my arguments were to be short. I find it sad that I tried to help(which is a rare thing from me)and was just picked on. If this is the kind of crap I get for helping, why don't I blow up an orphanage because I want to be evil?(Note: I would not actually do this.) I hope god, or whoever is in charge up their watches when I do good things, otherwise even the AFTERlife is gonna suck.

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I just got through a tornado. Ol' cyclones aren't common where I live, so it was pretty scary, especially actually SEEING trees and cars fly by. Amazingly, the owrst damage was a broken window and a swollen eye(from getting my cats to safety) and I'm alive to blog about it. It's a shame this came along just a few days before my trip to Florida, because now I've been rescheduled a week later than planned.

The game I'm developing. New Universe is scheduled to be around at January 22, 2013. We also plan on making WoW and RS cry when they see this come out.

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The game I'm developing for REBEL(a small[but not for long] company oowned by my best friends) is going to be called New Universe. Here's the logo, credit to min.

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Well, I just gotta say, I do the same things daily. I get up, get ready for work(designing a new video game, New Universe will be finished around 2013)and get loaded with caffiene. Then I work on NU for 3 hours before having a quick lunch and then I practice my various instruments(30 minutes: Cello, 1 hour: Electric Guitar, 15 minutes: Drums, 20 minutes: Keyboard, 1hour: Tuba) Then I work on NU till 7. I cook dinner and then go on Neoseeker to see what's new. Then I play some video games and read a book until about midnight. Every Friday and Sunday I attend lessons in Graphic Designing at 6:00 PM and in my few times off of this schedule I play Ping Pong with my friends(all hail Oglop, undisputed champion!). It seems like a busy life, but I prefer calling it a fun life.

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I need this code for future reference, stroing it here, it's a Pokemon Platinum AR code, use it if you want ;)

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w00t I have been accepted into the neoseeker community! I hope I can be epiksauce on neoseeker and all that junk. kthnxbai :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D

Video Games. Synonym to videojuegos. Synonym to fun.

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