InsanityS Offendr
Sep 2, 08 1:56am

Congratulations on winning the Articles of Excellence round with your Majora's Mask review.

Having played the game a lot I found your review to be very accurate in its content. The emphasis you put on the mask and time system was really good, and helped to mark the defining differences between MM and OOT.

It's great that the review is so detailed that even those who haven't touched a Zelda game before will know exactly what MM has to offer.

Your reviews have always been of excellent quality, and so I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Chad Offendr
Sep 1, 08 5:26pm
Wow, you've only had one guestbook signing? Prepare to have a few more with you recently winning the Articles of Excellence and all. You wrote up a pretty amazing review, and if I didn't already own the game, I'd try to see what I could do about going out and finding it!

Once again, congrats, superb job, and I hope to see more great user reviews out of you!
Lukas Offendr
Apr 14, 07 11:42am
Well, thanks for trying to help me get better at making Graphics. I guess you deserve this: