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Octarine Skye
Jan 15, 04 5:43pm
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Octarine Skye
May 4, 03 12:20am

General: If there had been a SNES pokemon game released after RBY but before GSC, this...

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  • "Rubies are shiny!! PokemonRuby"
    Rhn4star0 Apr 28, 14 6:54pm
  • "99 of every berry? PokemonRuby"
    nhibshman Oct 17, 13 8:36pm
  • "Rerunning the entire thing. Migrated all my Poke's in my 8 year old file to SoulSilver...nostalgia attack. PokemonRuby"
    lil dragon kid Mar 16, 13 11:53am
  • "Probably my favorite game. I've had a lot of fun with it growing up and its always nice to pick up and replay now and then. PokemonRuby"
    metalfox57 Dec 27, 12 4:39am
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