Hello NeoMatics!

I'm Zell as most of you know. Neo is the best thing thats ever happend to me! So many great people such as:

Lone_Warrior - Ok, this guy is like one of teh coolest guys on Neoseekers, well not just because hes a mod, hes a funny guy and I have plenty of laughs with him, someone I can talk to about medical stuff. Hes a great guy. But theres only one problem.. I own him at pro evo and he knows it! HYA HYA! :D Omg did I mention hes smexey!? XD

Neto_360 - Well, well, well.. Neto is a funny guy! hes cool, hes meh homie brother :>. Great guy to get along with, glad i've met him =) For sure!

Neo_Mike - ... After being on Neo for a long time, I've met this awsome guy! Hes a great guy, a guy I can have a nice chat with.
Hes like a brother to me! He makes me feel great about myself, hes caring, oh and he is beautiful :shifty:!! Mikes turned into a best friend. You're the best man you really are! Hes also a fan of FF7 so its good to talk to people whos interested in both games, Mike, you're great man!!

Edward - haha hes my msn chum, even though hes tryed getting me MSN plus which didnt work, I still like him XD. Also a great guy to talk to. He loves my accent :o! haha. You're a great guy edward.

TWINTEN - omg omg omg, TWINTEN is so funny with his biggs n wedge convosations, they're such nice guys and gives me great laughs! What whacky adventures will you two have in time to come! they're also people you can have a nice convosation with. Even though we battled a few times i'd still take you two out for a pint XD

XxxRockerxxX - Rocker is like an energy drink! and I love energy drinks! Hes always running in races n that. I bloody couldnt XD Hes a nice guy and always thought that from the first time I met him, Wickid guy!

Meteor - z0mg this guy is awsome. He really should go on IRC and show his funny business on there XD Hes a nice guy and full of life! A guy you can easily get along with! Meteor puts the F in FUN :D. <3

Storm - Oh my god I love this guy haha! He makes me laugh on IRC and even embarsed me! *Cough* peonix *cough* hahaha. Hes a great guy and good to talk to! If you need a laugh then hes your man :>.

Gary15 - Gary is wickid, wickid like lucozade on a cold morning! XD Hes a nice guy and great to talk too. I mean hes a neo legend! Glad i've met you. You're a great guy man! Dont you ever forget it!

MTB - WTF Legend!!!? lil Stitchy poos! Great and funny guy omg hes awsome on irc :> Plus hes like TEH legend on neoseekers!I havn't known him for long but for what I know now hes bloody ace! XD

Avalith - Oh noez the bully on irc! haha great guy and real funny. But the only thing that pisses me off about him is that he always pisses off on irc XD Linux! Enough said >_> <_> <_< Again I havn't known this guy for long but from what I already know hes awsome! :D

Chelskiman - I love this guy because he supports the best team in the world! :D But since the Jose thing I dont think they're going to be much longer :( Hes a nice guy, fun to talk to and you are the main man for for supporting chelsea :>! <3

Ultimaodin - Hes a nice guy! I'm glad things are ok with you now! Dont worry things will only get better for you, to me they dont but it could be different for you! Keep your chin up!

Sniggit - Nice chap! Hes a funneh dudey! He has this obsession with himself O_O haha! Cool to talk to and to have a laugh with. Havn't known him for long, From what I see hes a nice guy :)!

GothicGirl - OMG I LOVE HER... For getting me into FF7 XD Shes an awsome person! A moderator for the FF7 forum! Shes great and caring! Great to talk to! Shes funny AND ALSO she made me get Advent children which was totally awsome! Thanks for everything GG You have helped me a lot with FF7 and everything else, You're a diamond! :D

Balamb_girl - BG is a nice person and has a heart of gold. You can have a good laugh with BG. And shes final fantasy crazy doing that little *cough* Performance *cough* with your final fantasy dolls! Hahahaha!! Made me giggle I must say!

SquallyBalambGirl - Ahh SBG! She can be a good girl sometimes if she didn't tease me with HOTDOGS! Yeah, you know what I mean :D Lovely girl! you can have a good laugh with her and bless her cottens she couldn't type tonight XD Hahaha Sorry to embarass you! :P

Topaz_weapon - What a great person she is! You can really talk to topaz about anything! Shes a great listener! Smart at the bloody hangman! hahaha beating Lone YEAH!!! Its not neoseekers without you Topaz =D You're a great person dont let anyone think different!

S_R_Z_Girl - We have had our ups n downs. But she is a nice girl in heart. Shes cool to talk to =) And she thinks my voice is cute! :o. We've been chatting for a while n shes a sweet person. Shes my future girlfriend =D.

Well tbh all of you guys are treasures to my heart, you're better than my r/l friends, you care more than they do! I know that sounds pathetic but I must not have that good of friends. I care a lot about each and every one of you. Thank you for everything you have done for me on neo, You have given me a home.. A home of friendship and laughs, you guys are awsome dont let anyone tell you different!!! Thanks people!!


My interests are final fantasy, I totally love that game :D


~~~FF7 > FF8~~~

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