Hmm, well I'm 18, turning 19 in March. My name is Kate, but people call me a lot of different things. I love my Chrissy-san, without her I would have nothing. And I love my Savvi as well, she has helped me through so much. Umm, I like to carry on conversasions about anything to do with Kingdom Hearts, Harvest Moon, Harry Potter, or the Lion King. I have a major obssession with Scar <3 If you even just mention something about one of those things, I will go nuts and you can not get me to shut up about it. In my spare time, when I'm not playing KH or HM or RPing with Christin, I'm researching different religions. They fascinate me and I never get tired of hearing about them. I don't have a religion myself, but I love to study them. I go to community college and eventually going to film school. I also want to join the Peace Corp someday. Thats basically all I can think of at the moment..


Harvest Moon Back to Nature, Save the Homeland, and Oh! Its a Wonderful Life Special Edition. Kingdom Hearts, KHII, and KH Re:COM. Final Fantasy VII, X, and X-2. DDR, SSX 3. I like to write short stories and love to journal. I like to write fanfics of almost everything. I love to RP, Kingdom hearts especially but can RP basically anything. I enjoy studying any and all religions. I'm not a relgious person myself, but I like to study them. I like the Harry Potter series, novels by Stephen King, and films by Alfred Hitchcock. I actually love a lot of films, to many to mention. A couple of my favs are the Pirates of the Caribbean series, But I'm a Cheerleader, The Butterfly Effect, Sweeny Todd, RENT, Blades of Glory, Shaun of the Dead, and Phantom of the Opera. Oh! and THE LION KING (all of them)
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