Alpha Saphirrrrrrrre
Trying to complete the pokedex for the shiny charm!
Searching for ditto safari friend D:
Write something to me ( my response ) something to me 8^D
How come everyone has defeated the champion already D: I'm still on my fifth gym D: Y just arrived, and it looks beautiful x)

Hello everyone, I am getting my pokemon Y tomorrow so I really want to complete my black 2 pokedex before that! _I'll

3 more days >.< Who's not excited?! I get to travel once again with bulbasaur ^^
My pink × white 3DS LL is here finally!
I already preordered Y but I don't have a 3DS D:
Global Showdown here I come!
Finally started battling! Lol I suck
Just received the wi-fi event jirachi! I really have to learn how to RNG now.
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