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Jul 25, 15 4:34am
Been a while since I've been here. Spend most of my time playing EU4 and on steam.
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Feb 12, 12 5:05am
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Jul 17, 11 4:18am
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Feb 20, 11 3:46am
As time progresses you will learn
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Jul 28, 10 1:11am

After a long long looonng wait the second battle in a series of battles takes place.



Who shall be the victor in this final match between the ruler of the atmosphere- Rayquaza; or the life form from deep space- Deoxys.
This match has had much debate between fans after the movie Destiny Deoxys and both sides won't seem to give in so you guys give me your opinion on who you think would win.

[I personally say that rayquaza would win because raquaza was winning until deoxys had to have his friend(another deoxys) double team him.]

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