Twii_Light Number6ofthe6Beast6
Sep 05, 06 4:29am
Hi, lik, i was jus wondering how i sign gb, itz relly loud lol.... 1 million years later lol oooooooooooo nvm..

In a more legible structure, I would like to repeat that.

Thanks for the pity sex, it really came through to me.

~Neoseekers Furry Little Buddha~
dathboy Number6ofthe6Beast6
Aug 24, 06 11:01pm
see you later.

your fellow clan brother, dathboy.
Slacker Number6ofthe6Beast6
Aug 11, 06 12:46am
Haha, your guestbook sucks.

Thug Maniac Number6ofthe6Beast6
Aug 10, 06 6:02am

See..your guestbook does work. Like I said before, you can't sign your own book. Which is why you can't see the link. Glad to see you around the forums though, take care.
Thug Maniac
Super Hero Number6ofthe6Beast6
Jul 25, 06 3:41pm
its me gr8 lord, i hope you enjoy this picture. that is if your not gay, its PARIS HILTON on one of her good days so enjoy.
Bodingtons Number6ofthe6Beast6
May 06, 06 2:12pm
Heres a picture to be posted with my kindness.

Long live Jabba the Hutt.

tomithedeon Number6ofthe6Beast6
Apr 27, 06 12:18am



Sayyed Number6ofthe6Beast6
Mar 29, 06 2:24am
Hey I saw you in loungin' and you have a nice sig, im a big fan of LOTR too.

make sure to check this game out, the best.

Blue Cyclone Number6ofthe6Beast6
Jan 29, 06 7:55pm
Hey, thanks for signing my guest book -- so I'm signing yours back! Yeah, I guess I am the mod of the Elimination game now lol...I just like to help keep things in order and make sure people have added and subtracted correctly! Anyway, next time I see someone has messed up their stats, I'll make sure I just correct them in my stats and not make a post just telling them to fix their stats (so as not to incur your wrath lol). Sorry, I'm not good with images, so hopefully my message will be enough. See you on the BFME forums!
tomithedeon Number6ofthe6Beast6
Dec 23, 05 4:11pm
I feel as if i most sign your guest book, not with fancy pics....but with strong, advice, from over the seas, to my homeland of Ireland.

FoL will prevail!!!!!!!!
Hey Chandler how's it goin!
Thanks sooo much for your account it's amazing I enjoy it a lot! If you ever come back just give me a type! You extremely nice man... you don't spam at all, they're gay boys hu say that
DQ Maniac Number6ofthe6Beast6
Jun 22, 05 9:49pm
Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

JTnut Number6ofthe6Beast6
Jun 21, 05 6:17pm
just thought Id sign your guestbook

keep on truckin!
Hey there! Had an interesting time talking to you, and I think you'll definitely make a contribution to Dragons of Asgoth! See you later!

just thought i would sign your GB, have a nice day
its going to be big,be there from the start