im baaacckkk!
hell yeah! no more tooth pain!
tooth pain stinks!!!!!!!
Okay so a lot of tooth pain can prevent you from sleeping...
may the force be with you Magistermagi1
may the 4ce be with you, stitch!
dynabutt lol now thats a good joke!
what is this game about? im new to this game! StarOceanTheLastHopeInternational PS3
my notifications were reset!!!!! shit...

In Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory our protagonist Neptune has managed to travel back to the year 1989, where...

holy crap!!!! 20 freinds online!!!!
if you are responding to me: quote or notifiy me!!!!

You may recall Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory being that Japanese RPG about young anime girls personifying video...

shhhhhh! dont tell stitch!
eeeevvvviiiiillllllll! evil! i choose evil! inFamous PS3
break anything!!!!!

none of ur beeswax

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