I have dual nationality - I was born in Australia and now live in the UK. My dad says I have a photographic memory and annoyingly refuses to answer my questions because he thinks I know the answers (my brother likes joining in on this). I like developing my personality and trying to improve my relations with people (I have very little social skills according to my parents). I have a really cool older brother who knows lots about computers and video games and really good about giving advice, but I also like him for his sarcastic jokes and the way he tells stories. I have a younger sister who I have to share a room with who I sometimes get on with but often we'll argue about the slightest thing. Other than that, she's pretty funny and helps me to learn that you can laugh at yourself. My parents are older and quite similar in morals but I connect more with my mum through her affections and because she is a very wonderful mother figure. My dad I love connecting through culture like history, music and films and his similar interests, but I still find this somewhat encouraging and affectionate.


I like to read - y'know, just passing the time with my favourite book is fun. My favourite interest is watching films - they're enjoyable, but I'm going to have to do a lot more than that if I want to be a film critic. But still, I would actually spend a whole day doing that (IF I HAD THE TIME). Something has to be really good on TV for me to watch it, as I only have two favourite TV shows: Sherlock and Doctor Who - Sherlock, especially.
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