Final Fantasy 88 Norixca_XIII
Mar 04, 09 12:37am
Hey Norixca,you probably don't remember me but you made an avatar and banner for me.This is my thanks:)

I hope it's good enough for you.I saw that you had a Flamedramon banner so that's what my stamp is based on.
Nami Skater Norixca_XIII
Jan 19, 09 8:10pm

Im currently on a stamping spree so here ^o^.

You've been stamped by me... You better happy about it!! Jk ^.^.
Jazz Norixca_XIII
Dec 22, 08 12:20am

    Hey! Just wishing all my friends a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
    It's great to see a fellow Digimon lover. :3
    See you around.
Meluv cookie Norixca_XIII
Nov 08, 08 8:56am
Hi! Thanks for doing my avvie and stamp. You're a great graphics artist!
I did acknowlege that you're a GIRL not a boy!
I hope I spelt acknowlege right...
Anyways, Id like to keep chatting not just through graphics requests! Drop me a PM and we can chat (though not on weekdays, i'm too busy with schoolwork.)
Hope to talk to you soon! Oh, and here's my stamp, made by you, reappearing in your guestbook!

meluv (Or call me Abi )
Lauzi Norixca_XIII
May 14, 08 5:20pm
Things are getting boring without you around, I miss my Neo-sis...

I hope your computer doesn't take too long to get fixed, I hope it gets fixed soon!^-^


xSquirrel_Loverx Norixca_XIII
Mar 31, 08 3:08am
Hey Norixca ;D I haven't talked to you for a long time (That's good because every time I PM you it's a Graphics Request =P)

You're a great Graphics Maker. Keep up the great job!

Stay Awesome~
Divinorse Norixca_XIII
Mar 09, 08 4:11am
Hey I'm on a stamping spree and because your one of my friends I couldn't miss your guest book! You may not have noticed so I'm just going to come out with it, I got a name change! It's no longer GameFreakACWW but The Rising Nebula. Enjoy my stamp now and please stamp me back when you can, bye frand! XD

:.From your friend.:
Lauzi Norixca_XIII
Feb 26, 08 2:40pm
I made a new stamp, so I'm signing guestbooks with it!

I could make you a stamp if you want, just tell me your request. But I may not be able to do a trainer for you, but if you ask nicely, I'll see what I can do!
Lauzi Norixca_XIII
Jan 09, 08 12:38pm
I'm on a winter stamping spree, don't mind me! LOL.


Spark_Lee Dragonite Norixca_XIII
Dec 25, 07 7:37am
Merry Christmas Riku

Your the best graphics maker ever!

I hope you like my stamp, i made it just for you

Happy New Year aswell

Spark_Lee Dragonite Norixca_XIII
Dec 10, 07 4:07am
hey Riku!
you are the most awesome graphics maker EVER!!!
you are also just a good of a friend

you are awesome!
cya around

~Tyson~ SLD
Dark Arcanine Norixca_XIII
Nov 27, 07 1:49am
Your profile said to stamp you so I have! I hope this stamp will be us one day ^-^

Lauzi Norixca_XIII
Nov 21, 07 2:07pm
Thank you norixca for all the graphics you've done for me, your an awsome friend, and your one of my bestest neo friends!

If you ever need any chaos or anything from me, feel free to ask!
cmh Norixca_XIII
Nov 12, 07 5:21pm
I'm happy i got to know you. I just hope i didn't already sign this...
and i feel i should sign this with your stamp. Who else?
Naruto34 Norixca_XIII
Nov 10, 07 8:05pm
thanks for being a good friend!
This is also my home made stamp!
Lauzi Norixca_XIII
Nov 08, 07 12:25pm
So hows life going for you? anyway I'm on a stamping spree with the cool new stamp you made me!

Thanks again!
Feebee Norixca_XIII
Nov 06, 07 11:51pm
Just saying thanks for the stamp so i will use it on you!


Please sign back!!

Msld Norixca_XIII
Nov 02, 07 8:03pm
Hope you don't mind me signing. I'm a kitten lover too. I have too stamps to sign with since I couldn't chose. XD

now for the kitten pics!

sign back soon ^-^ kittens rock <3
Feebee Norixca_XIII
Nov 02, 07 6:49pm
How are you.......good, hope so
so just saying how much of a good friend you are and also for the banners and stuff like that.
you are a great friend!
Please sign back!!

PokeSplicer Norixca_XIII
Oct 19, 07 9:28pm
I use your stamp a lot now, I luvz it!
Thanks for all those userbars.
I know that you really put time and effort into them, and I'm grateful.
Anyways, STAMP TIME!
Tendo wii Norixca_XIII
Oct 19, 07 7:06pm
Nice Profile lookup, You can tell you put alot of effort and dedication into making you lookup look so good and you make great graphics (such as my avatar and signature) , keep the good work up on the graphics.
Kerberos Norixca_XIII
Oct 12, 07 12:22am
You've now been graced by my presence, may good wishes be with you.

Also known as I'm on a signing spree, and your my very first victim today =o

Thanks for dealing with the GFX Requests, makes it so I never have to do them again.

No need to sign back, but it would be greeted in arms.

JearBear Norixca_XIII
Oct 09, 07 12:40am

Ur an awesome graphics master and my first family... *sniff*
Lauzi Norixca_XIII
Oct 07, 07 7:37pm
Thanks for making me that awsome banner and stamp! and since you signed my guestbook i'll sign yours!

Ps. delete the sign i did earlier without the stamp
Feebee Norixca_XIII
Oct 02, 07 10:05pm
just saying thanx for the stamp i will use it on your guestbook!