segaman Norad 2
Jan 29, 08 9:04am
I think you will like this. Try sitting in front of their lockers and see what happens!

segaman Norad 2
Jan 6, 08 6:19am
Hey, I'm just runnin' around and signing people's guestbooks. How's it goin'? Have a nice day and enjoy your video games and whatever else you do for fun!

See ya later, buddy!

PS: Hit me back!
Greeyaz Norad 2
Jul 25, 07 11:21am
But then you'd realize I'm a pedophile.

Well, I noticed you signed the previous user of this account's guestbook, so I figure I'd sign back in case he didn't. Though I don't have a smexy stamp, so I figured I'd return yours.

Just imagine my username in place of yours.
Kilik 64 Norad 2
Jun 5, 07 11:24am
Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

Kilik 64 Norad 2
Feb 25, 07 10:02pm
Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Tancuras Norad 2
Jan 20, 07 9:33am
I'm easily distracted. Guestbook signage. I'm probably not gonna get around to finishing this in a bit, checking for updates in arguements I've participated in.

See you later, number 2.
PitLine810 Norad 2
Nov 27, 06 3:05am
filling this space with useless crap...

I just felt like signing. That's all. Here's my stamp

Omega Hunter 24 Norad 2
Oct 29, 06 4:53am
I'm randomly signing guestbooks. Here is your present, an episode of my comic "The Adventures of the trainees!
Eliwood the Slayer Norad 2
Sep 2, 06 10:55pm
I never signed your guestbook, did I? I will start now.

Yes it is a crappy stamp, but then again, I'm a crappy stamp maker...
Flame Phoenix Norad 2
Aug 5, 06 10:44am
How are you? I hope you are doing good.
Im terribly sorry i haven't been in touch, ICQ doesn't even work for me anymore. Well i hope you are great, and i have anew stamp.

omegablaster Norad 2
Jul 18, 06 8:27am
Greetings Norad, I am hereby signing your guestbook because...(do I need a reason?) well if I do, then it's because I figure we are both writing together and you helped me with my character mug, then the least I can (and probably will) do is sign your guestbook.

And what better way then with this?

hehehe worship me Roy, worship me world!

See you around.
Kilik 64 Norad 2
May 27, 06 9:38am
Yeah! Summer Vacation's here! Woohoo! No more school! No more school!

Flame Phoenix Norad 2
May 7, 06 8:53am
heres to a very sweet person! i have anew stamp. enjoy! i will talk to you soon! bye! XD

Scarecrow3000 Norad 2
Apr 12, 06 6:43am
First time for you though, Norad. Now remember, don't forget to return the favor.

Sonic and DBZ 4 Eva Norad 2
Apr 7, 06 7:48am

I'll Pm you with my profile if you are still interested in readin my work ^^ *knows it was a long time ago*
Blue Star Norad 2
Feb 18, 06 6:30am
Yep, have to use this little stampie sometime so here u go ^-^

Best wishes
Uzumaki Mitch Norad 2
Feb 17, 06 10:16pm
I am badass so I am going to personalise every message from here (after the picture)

Man I have an extremly large ere- bagguette over that pic.
Haruka Hikawa Norad 2
Feb 15, 06 4:16am
Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry for the (sadly) impersonalized message, school is taking away too much of my time. >_> Anyways, I hope you like the stamp.

Don’t you love to see them together? XD See you around the forums!
Blue Star Norad 2
Feb 14, 06 12:13pm
As the title says ^^

Have a lovely Valentine's Day! ^-^
Greeyaz Norad 2
Feb 13, 06 8:27am
Hi. Bye.
What?! There's a character number I have to meet?! Who thought that up?! Satan?!
Oh. I did it. That was pretty easy. Never mind.

Gosh, that was full of signifigance. Wow.
Kilik 64 Norad 2
Feb 2, 06 5:38pm
Guess who's back?.... Back again.... Kilik's back..... Tell a friend!

Kilik 64 Norad 2
Jan 31, 06 8:42am
Guess who's back?.... Back again.... Kilik's back..... Tell a friend!

omegablaster Norad 2
Jan 12, 06 5:59am
Thanks for allowing me to join. I look foward to writting with you.

Sword Master Norad 2
Dec 20, 05 6:25am
... (I would like to inform you that you have made me see the light of muteness, and for that I must thank you, O superior one)

... (but):

Uzumaki Mitch Norad 2
Dec 10, 05 7:50pm
I am to lazy to make a very good stamp, so I just added some text to this pic I was wanki-I mean looking at: