Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy the festive season of giving, and enjoy my mediocre stamp and my unpersonalized message!

Good luck, in your Holiday enjoyment!
Noodle, you 'BUM!' you suck, you suck are rs, you suck at everything.

i Own you, XD owned kthxbye.

Runescape? don't even get me started, your such a noob in that you make the lvl 3's look like king black dragons, come on? get a life N0000000b?
Just saying hello. Here are some stamps, just because I'm here.

I see you around the Runescape forums so heres a stamp.Just remember to return the favor^_^

Hope you like it^_^
yo you have a really cool banner and sig man. I wish i had one like those cause i don't know how to make them. But anyway their really cool. And thats about it.
I just realized that I never had a stamp, so I made one today. All of my neofriends are getting stamped. Enjoy.

im probabaly the only noob in neoseeker forums and im only lvl 35 and i really need anything plz put acid snake3 on frend list plzplzplz
Happy Birthday, dude!


Life's a fight, let's keep on battling
Hello Noodle Man
Just signing your guestbook cause I've seen you on the RuneScape forum and you're a very cool person. Just signing to say good luck on RS and I hope you stay at the RS forums

Though I have no stamp, this post should still be worth reading.

Lots of shemileh and what-not,
Happy Easter Noodle! havcen't talked to in a while. I remember our 200 PM chat we had a while ago, and I want to talk to you more! Well, Happy Easter.

Still don't understand what the hell is going on...
But you told me to sign... and here it is!!!

Me signing random guestbook

Noodles rock... i rock... therefore i am noodles...
This is my new stamp.Pwns right?lol
Here ya go...
Hey Noodle Man,
I just saw your entry in my guestbook.
I always forget about the book so it took a while before i saw your entry.
Anyway, long live the Noodle!

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

I've seen you around the lougin forums and you are cool. Also, we are PMing each other ... so yeah ^^ Anyways, this is my husband Randy Orton. Isn't he so sweet n sexy ^^

Your a Noodle Like me! lets me bestest friends forever!

How are you? Whats your name? Are you the pope? Well, I guest the 125 character minimum is set.

(Oscar Bravo)
Happy Valentines Day! May this day be filled with joy, happiness, gladness, and another word that means "happy". You have been bestowed with my Fire Emblem themed Holiday Stamp. Enjoy!

Hi NM! For being a good friend I shall Stamp your Guest Book!

Hehehe... sorry about the title. Well Valentine's Day is approaching and so I figured I'd start signing everyone with Valentine's Day stamps! Enjoy!

Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

Hey, gotta sign you're Guestbook since we're friends!


Life's a fight, lert's keep on battling!
Hi Noodle man! I am siging your guestbook since we are now neofriends. Please sign back!

Well then... I'll sign your guestbook. Here's my stamp.

Fare thee well, I'll see you around.
~Ranger 1~