HEY! I've been playing pokemon y for a long time and been on this forum a lot and stopped playing a lot since I caught al

its simple, we agree on what to trade so i trade my pokemon for yours that is cloned, after that you make one clone of the on

im looking for KB shiny pokemon and i have the following: 4 to 6 IV Timid clamperl Timid ninetails Modest rotom J

I just started a cloning shop as my friend let me borrow his ds for the weekend only so im cloning shinycompetitive pokemon.

my friend gave me his soulsilver and i transferred all he has onto x and y and have some shiny legemdaries i dont need since

these are the last three legendaries i need to complete my pokedex (5 in total since i need porygon 2 and electivire) and im

only two left so if anyone has the following: weavile, gliscor. can i please borrow them for a second so i can get it in m

well since its halfway through the first month of the year, i was wondering... Has anyone even tried to accomplish their new

i dont know if this has been done yet but im looking for others opinions on what they wish would have a mega evolution. I

i happen to have an extra clone of those two and mainly looking for a keldeo and meloetta or shiny offers

hey everyone! i just started to cloning and now im interested in cloning others shinies 4-6 IV pokemone or pomevank legendary

yes i actually want the fishing shiny and i will trade a 5IV for it. Any flawless pokemon from the following link for it as i

like the title says i have 4 through 5 IV phione for trade and timid nature im currently breeding them so be patient as more

Why does everyone always not respect pokemon with good abilitys even if they have flawless IVs for there nature? let these po

so its the first time im doing one of these shop things but heres how its goes, you can offer anything as i look at all offer

i can breed the following. Timid abra, Timid staryu, Timid elecrik, Timid poliwag, Timid lotad 3 egg moves, Adamant p

I Can offer: 5IV sap sipper calm goomy Lucarionite Choice scarf Master ball I dont really have much right now but if y

for some reason i dont have mine... i mustve traded it lol. well does anyone have a absolite? i have some 5IVs for trade i h

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