This is a survival server with the Pixelmon mod,version 3.1.2 right now, and for 1.7.2. Pixelmon is basically a Pokemon in Mi

So, recently I got Pokemon Y and beat the games a few times, got a lv100, yadda yadda.. but I haven't traded much for thi

Hey all, I am looking for safaris with good/great pokemon, even decent ones. Mine has Tropius, Swanna, and Spearow, but I wou

New Shop! I'll do my best on it.

Hey all! I'm attempting another shop, but just me this time. I will try not to put your Pokemon in my shop if you don&

Cloning pokémon for people! Go to my shop to see the things I require for it.
EmoPein & my shop is here Please help me get more Pokemon into my part of the shop!
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