I'm looking for what is stated in the title. My pokemon will most likely not have perfect IVs or natures, and I won't

Hello! :D I have a very small collection of 5/6IV shiny and legendary Kalos-native pokemon, and I created this thread to m

Might as well see if I can get anything useful for these. :o •Pokemon - Gender - Nature - Ability - Moves - IV Spread

I need a charmander with Solar Power for an upcoming breeding project. It would be nice if it was female and/or 4-6IV, but th

I need one to get that egg move on my own bulbasaur. Can also be an ivysaur or venusaur, of course (but it must be male). :)

Summer's officially HERE~!
One more day of school and one exam left before summer... Wish me luck!

No need for IVs or natures, I can breed those myself. This thread is just for trading pokemon with egg moves. :) I want to tr

I've had this buneary in my PC for a while now, and it's always had the move Cosmic Power. I looked on Bulbapedia and

They do not have to be shiny. I have these to offer. It's not much, but it's something. :o http://pldh.net/media/p

http://www.serebii.net/xy/pokemon/261.png #261 Poochyena https://www.pokecheck.org/i/female.png Level 1 http://cdn.bulbagard

Because there aren't enough threads like this already. :o Looking for KB competitive shinies/legends that I don't

IVs/natures don't matter as I can breed those myself. I don't have much to offer other than a spare destiny knot or a

I need to evolve my togetic and floette, but I've already used mine up. I can offer these items for them: -Blazikenite

To complete my pokedex, I need: -Graveler -Boldore -Barbaracle Can someone please help me get these? I can offer a cl

Here are my rates (# of genned pokemon on right side): 1 5/6IV KB Shiny = 6 1 Event = 5 1 Trophy KB Shiny = 4 5 http://

I don't care about IVs, EVs, level or anything. I just love reshiram. :P I'm willing to trade my level 70 zekrom for

Title~ PM me for further details. I will offer seven genned pokemon for a 5-6IV shiny pumpkaboo/phantump, and five if they&am

I'm willing to trade back after I get the entries, but if I can keep it, I can offer almost anything (excluding legends)

I need all the vivillon patterns, but I sadly only have the polar pattern at the moment. ;( If anyone needs the polar and can

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